How do I choose a good casino game?

Wondering which table game is right for you? Maybe it’s your first time setting foot inside a casino. Or maybe you’ve been playing slots and video poker for ages, but have yet to hit the felt. Whatever the reason for your sudden attraction to table games, we’ll help you cut through the clutter and find a game that’s right for you. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for. Today, we’ll explore three popular games for various situations.

Want to crush the dealer? Play Blackjack

When it comes to going head-to-head against the dealer, nothing beats Blackjack. That’s because you’ve got the potential to win with a low hand like 12. Remember, in Blackjack, the dealer is forced to hit on 16 and lower. And if he goes over 21, it’s game over and you automatically win. Pretty sweet.

Looking for a no-brainer? Choose Casino War

innertable27112014Blackjack requires you to do some thinking as you play. When do I hit? When do I stand? Should I double down on this hand? Should I split these two cards? There are a lot of questions. And if you’re not in the mood to find out those answers, try Casino War.

It’s just like the War game you played against friends when you were a kid, only this time there’s money on the line. It’s really simple.

The dealer hands you a card. And then he hands himself one. High card wins. Seriously. Of course, if you’ve got the same hand, you can go to war or surrender half your bet, but that’s the only decision you’ll need to make.

After a slower pace? Try Roulette

This is considered more of a specialty game, but you’ll find it in the table games section at land-based casinos, so we’ve included it here. Roulette is great because it’s a lot slower than most card games. In a live casino, you can go several minutes between spins. With Roulette, the dealer waits for everyone to place their bets before spinning the wheel and letting the ball loose. And after the ball comes to a stop (which could take a good minute), it takes time for the dealer to pay out winning bets. So if you’re interested in making the night last longer, this is your game.

Ready to give these games a try? Open the Palace of Chance software and hit the tables. If you don’t yet have an account, create one for free. And don’t forget, you can even play Palace of Chance on your smartphone and tablet, so have fun!


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