Do Sic Bo Strategies actually work?

Sic Bo. It’s the rising star in online casino games, but a game commonly overlooked at land-based casinos. With so many winning opportunities and a reliance on dice over cards, some players feel that there aren’t a lot of betting strategies yo

After all, games like Blackjack come with betting strategies. You’re told when to hit, when to stand, when to split, and when to double—and when to not do all those things. But Sic Bo? A game based on dice? Clearly it’s all about chance, right?

Not necessarily. Just as Roulette comes with betting strategies that you can employ to maximize your return while minimizing your risk, so too does Sic Bo. Today, we’re going to highlight a popular betting strategy that winning Sic Bo players use to get more out of every dice roll.

Low Risk Meets High Return

Sic Bo comes with a lot of risky bets, the riskiest being a bet on a specific Triple, such as 2-2-2. But the payoffs for hitting this bet are enormous. We’re talking 150 to 1 or 180 to 1, depending on which casino you’re playing it.

Unfortunately, the chances of actually hitting a win with this bet is ridiculously low. We’re talking 0.46%. You’re more likely to stub your toe while reading this blog than you are to win. We haven’t actually researched this statement to be true, but go with us on this one.

So is it worth it to bet on 2-2-2 if winning is barely within reach? It is if you know what you’re doing. By combining this bet with others, you’re more likely to grow your bankroll. Sure, your growth will be slow and steady, but it could pay off.

Let’s use the number 2 as an example. Go ahead and place one chip on 2-2-2. The payoff is 180 to 1 in this example. Now place the same unit on the 2-2 double bet for a potential 10 to 1 payoff. Finally, place three units on a single 2 bet. This one would pay out 1 to 1. You know have 5 units committed. Here’s what will happen based on what you hit:

  • If you hit the single 2, you’ll earn 1 to 1 payouts, which actually nets you a profit if the other two bets lose. Remember, you had 5 units committed. Those three units on the single 2 bet yielded you three units. Sure, you lost the other two, but you’re now sitting with 6 units. This is potentially big because a single 2 would come up 34.72% of the time according to probability.

  • If a pair of twos hits, you’ll earn 2 to 1 payouts on each of the single 2 bets PLUS a 10 to 1 payout for hitting the double. You’re now sitting on a profit of 15 units, even after accommodating for the lost triple bet.

    • Should a triple hit, you’ll find yourself sitting on a profit of 199 units. Assuming each unit is worth $5, you’re looking at close to $1,000 in profit. Not a bad day at all.

      Betting Strategies Can Help You Profit

      If placing multiple wagers feels too rich for your blood, don’t sweat it. With a simple Sic Bo betting strategy, you could realize bigger payouts.

      One common strategy involves doubling your bet when you lose and keeping it the same when you win (alternatively, you can drop your bet back to the original single unit when you win to avoid getting too crazy).

      For example, start by betting on a single number. We’ll use the same 2 example as above. Start with one unit. If you win, keep it the same. If you lose, double it. Keep doing so until you win again.

      At first glance, this seems ridiculous. After all, doubling your bet after you lose just means you’re chasing losses, right? Yes and no. You’re definitely chasing losses, but mathematically, when you hit a win, you’ll be ahead.

      For example, let’s start with a $5 bet on the number 2. This bet comes with even money payouts when you win. But we’re going to assume you lose for this example. You now need to drop $10 down. If you lose again, you need to drop $20 down. Lose again and you’ll need to bet $40. At this point, you’ve got $75 committed. That’s $5 + $10 + $20 + $40. If you win that $40 bet, you’ll be sitting on $80. At this point, you’re actually up $5. Even after a heavy string of losses, you’re still ahead.

      If this bet seems so flawless, don’t get too excited. If you hit too many losses, you can max out. Remember, Sic Bo tables come with maximums, so at a certain point you won’t be able to bet any additional cash. Also making this betting system slightly flawed is that you don’t have an unlimited bankroll. So even if there were no such thing as a table maximum, eventually you’ll run out of money.

      Put these Sic Bo Strategies to the Test

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