Remember playing War when you were a kid? Get back to your childhood self and enjoy playing War to win real cash at the top US casino online. The rules are the same, so you don’t need to be a serious player that studies the books to play, no single player has any real skill advantage over any other player. This game is based only on luck and is a great way to watch your money grow. There is a reason this game is famous all over the world, with high-energy play and easy play (no strategy in this kind of war), all of your winnings come from luck, and a little bit of good old intuition.

How to Play War

The War action is a classic player vs. dealer structure that gives you the most exciting one-on-one action. The game play is straightforward, each of you is dealt a card and whoever’s card s higher wins. No catch, no strategy! All you do is place your bet before the cards are dealt, get your card and the winning card takes it all!

The game heats up when there is a tie, where you can either fold or place a second bet (equal to your initial bet) to “Go to War.” When you “Go to War,” the dealer also doubles his bet before he throws the top three cards of the deck away and flips the fourth card. If this card is higher than the dealer’s card, then you bankroll all of the doubled bets, but if you lose, you give it all up to the House.

Player’s Turn

You can start the round by betting whatever amount you want before the cards are dealt, but keep in mind that if you and the dealer draw (tie with the same card) and if you decide to Go to War, that you have to bet double that amount.
You never have to Go to War with the dealer in the case of a tie. If you two draw on a card that you think is too high to give you a reasonable opportunity to win, you can fold instead of doubling your bet. But, if you draw on a low card then you can feel confident doubling the ante and letting your luck roll!

Dealer’s Turn

Once your bet is down, just wait for the deal and get sucked into this fast-paced and relentless action-packed game that is only between you and the dealer. No one has an advantage so it’s truly any man’s card game.

You Win When

You get to see the winner immediately; there is no waiting game here. Game play is fast and gripping. There is no guessing involved, whoever has the higher card takes the pot; no raising or checking, winner takes all.

War Game Screen
War Options Screen
War Bet Options
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