French Roulette

Palace of Chance, has one of the most interesting and authentic versions of roulette built into its stable of specialty games. French roulette is most similar to European roulette with a few additional bets. All of the bets are in French so instead of odd and even you can expect to place bets on pair and impair. What is also interesting about French roulette is that the numbers on the felt are not colored as they are in the other variations, only the numbers on the wheel show as either black or red.

How to Play French Roulette

Playing roulette is fairly easy. The aim of the game is to predict where the ball will land. The bets go from vague, for example which color the number will be, right down to the specific number the ball is likely to fall on.

The dealer throws a ball into a spinning wheel, when the wheel stops, the bets are paid according to where the ball lands.

Players turn

Between each spin of the wheel the player has a turn to place their bets. In French roulette you have as much time as you need to decide where you are going to place your chips. First things first, select your coin size from $1 up to $500. One click puts down a chip, right click to remove it. You can bet up to $45 000 per spin by placing a max bet of $20 000 on the inside bets and $25 000 on the outside and neighbor bets.

Putting cash down on neighbor bets is a little different in this game. In land based casinos you will find these bets on a separate piece of felt. In the RTG software you can pull it up by clicking on the ‘neighbor and call bets’ button in the bottom left hand corner.

Dealer’s turn

Once you are ready all that is left is to click spin. This will activate the dealer’s part, the wheel will spin and as soon as the ball settles down and lands on a number the dealer pays out the bets.

Bet types

The bets are divided into two main types of bets. Inside bets and outside bets. The inside bets consist of individual numbers or groups of numbers, up to a maximum of 6 usually consecutive numbers. Outside bets, also called neighbor bets include larger groups of numbers such as the first 12 or the even numbers, red numbers or all numbers ending in 7. The latter bet is called ‘finales’ and is unique to French roulette.

You win when

A few paragraphs back we discussed the point of roulette is about predicting which number the ball will land on. Bets range in the way they describe the number, whether it is red or odd or it falls within a specific pattern. You only win if you placed a bet on the exact characteristic that describes the winning number.


Avid roulette players have lucky bets or bet combinations that they feel work. These can be saved in the favorites and up to 8 of them can be saved.

Thanks to the RTG software clicking on the neighbor and call bets also shows you which numbers are hot and which are cold and should be avoided. This is based on how often they have come up in the history.

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