Online casinos or live? How about both at the same time?

The United State is a fascinating place. You’ve got a bunch of Republicans trying to make playing at online casinos illegal on a federal level. Then you have individual states make legitimizing online casinos for their residents, as is the case in New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada.

At the federal level, Sheldon Adelson is trying to block iGaming, arguing that it’ll lead to underage gambling and gambling problems. He believes it’s immoral, though he owns a bunch of land-based casinos and there are more problems with underage gambling than with live gambling.

The real reason he’s against Internet casinos? He believes it will compete with his land-based casinos and eat the profits. But the truth? Online casinos fuel an appetite for live gaming.

inneresorts17042015One casino in New Jersey totally gets that. Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City opened the world’s first online gaming lounge. The dedicated area on the casino floor features giant screens, tablets, and computers where patrons can familiarize themselves with online casino games.

That means you can go from playing Blackjack against a live dealer on the casino floor in Atlantic City to enjoying a game of online Blackjack, right on the casino floor. The idea is to get people excited about online gaming and make it a fun concept, especially for people who might be apprehensive about playing.

Obviously, the only casino games you can play are those offered by Resorts Casino’s official online gaming site. Right now, they only offer an online casino, not an online poker site. However, even if people play at the online casino and then discover a different one offered by another property, the investment in the on-site lounge proves that Resorts isn’t afraid of competition. Instead, they’re embracing it.

At Palace of Chance, we don’t view our land-based casinos as competition. We love land-based properties and love to hear stories of our players winning big at one. Hopefully Adelson and his online gambling opponents realize that everyone has a lot to game from the mutually beneficial relationship.


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