What’s in store for closed Atlantic City casinos?

Las Vegas of the east coast is less Sin City and more so Ghost Town
Atlantic City is going through a major transformation progress. With four of its dozen casino properties having closed or slated to close by the end of the year, the Las Vegas of the east coast is less Sin City and more so Ghost Town.

The closing of four properties will mean that the other casinos can pick up some extra business. But it also means that four casino will remain empty. Rather than putting a bunch of “For Lease” signs up and turning down the lights, the city needs to find some new uses for the properties if it wants to perpetuate the illusion that Atlantic City is a thriving entertainment destination. How will they do that? By putting the new properties to new use. Here’s a look at what could be in store for Revel, Showboat, The Atlantic Club, and Trump Plaza.

Revel Casino

This one was the most disappointing, but perhaps the least shocking. Revel Casino closed its doors on September 2nd.

It’s definitely the most iconic building in Atlantic City and possibly the entire eastern seaboard. But it was doomed from the beginning, having been constructed during the financial crisis. One possible solution is to turn the Revel into a high-end corporate center with a mix of retail spaces and residential units.


inner04092014Once famous for its House Of Blues nightclub and impressive concert space, Showboat is now just an empty space with strange acoustics that result from the constant echoes due to the vast emptiness.

But there is a desire to return Showboat to its former glory and resurrect the House of Blues nightclub.

It could very well become Atlantic City’s go-to entertainment property if the right buyer makes the right moves.

The Atlantic Club

TJM Properties, a Florida-based real estate firm, recently bought a couple of casinos from Caesars Entertainment, one of which was The Atlantic Club. They also bought Claridge Casino Hotel from Bally’s and turned it into a non-casino hotel.

There’s actually a desire for people to stay at a non-casino hotel away from the hustle and bustle of the casino action, so The Atlantic Club could join the list of non-casino properties in NJ.

Trump Plaza

Donald Trump has nothing to do with the property, so much so that he was contemplating suing them in an effort to get them to drop the Trump name. That won’t be much of an issue anymore now that Trump Plaza is closing its doors. The property is in shambles though, so razing the building might be the best bet.

These, of course, are all guesses for what might happen to the now-vacant or soon-to-be-vacant casinos. We’ll keep you posted with updates as they happen.


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