Random Jackpots


The Nice List

Just in time for the holidays, The Nice List has arrived at Palace of Chance. If you love milk & cookies and waking up to massive amounts of gifts under the tree, then you’re going to love making it onto The Nice List. Play now!


Glitz and Glamour

Get a taste of the glitter and sophistication of old time Hollywood when you play Glitz & Glamour slot machine! Play this great 5-reel, 25-payline slots for a good time and easy winnings.


Outta this world

Its time for some Sci Fi space exploration and adventure in this otherworldly casino slots game. Keep an eye out for Aliens, and remember that Black Holes will lead the way to the Outta this World bonus game.


Paris Beauty

What goes together better than 19th century French impressionist painters, France, and beautiful models?


Lion's Lair

Being the king of the jungle comes with its perks; first off you own the jungle, not a bad deal. Secondly, if there happens to be money laying around, its all yours.


Mystic Dragon

Its time for a magical journey to the Palace of Chance. Back in time to a land of knights, princes, kings and of course, the Mystic Dragon!


Boy King's Treasure

Buried under the desert sands of Egypt lies the treasure of the Boy King. Luckily for you, we have found it and now you can win it at the top US casino online.


Treasure Chamber

The tropical rainforest is no place for the feint of heart, but with hefty risk, comes ample rewards in the Treasure Chamber casino slots game.


Red Sands

Time for a walkabout, but not in a billabong, this is the outback.


Wooden Boy

Join Wooden Boy and the kind puppeteer Geppetto, as they set off on journey full of mischief and adventure, oh ya, and money in your pocket in this popular online casino slots game.

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