Random Jackpots


Ocean Oddities

Everyone knows there are all kinds of buried treasure waiting at the bottom of the ocean, but you haven’t seen anything quite like what’s in store in Ocean Oddities.


Rudolph Awakens

Get ready for a Christmas treat with the all-new Rudolph Awakens slot game from Palace of Chance!


5 Wishes

Get ready to rub the magic lamp and unleash the wish-granting genie in the all-new 5 Wishes slot game at Palace of Chance!


Swindle all the Way

Two bumbling burglars are trying to wreak havoc and steal Christmas cheer in Swindle All the Way the dazzling and funny new Progressive Slot from Real Time Gaming at Palace of Chance Casino.


Rain Dance

For thousands of years the great plains of North America were ruled by the indigenous native people of the region.


Triton's Treasure

Travel deep under the sea with the best US casino and discover Triton’s Treasure hidden riches. Win Triton’s favor and win lots of cash rewards.


Honey to the Bee

Some call it liquid gold, but to these busy worker bees it’s a life force in Honey to the Bee online slots.


Epic Holiday Party

Epic Holiday Party is the latest slot from Palace of Chance Casino


Hen House

Who says you need to hit a malfunctioning ATM to make out like a bandit? Step into the Hen House and catch a golden egg before anyone notices and you’ll be living in the lap (or nest) of luxury.



There were thousands of dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago. But none more feared, and fierce than the notorious T Rex.

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