Random Jackpots


Lucky 6

There’s a pot of gold waiting for you at Palace of Chance. Our new game, Lucky 6, has just arrived and it’s waiting to tempt you with big rewards, no four leaf clover required!


Sunken Treasure

For hundreds of years the only international travel was by huge, wooden ship. So that meant sending something overseas took forever, and it most likely it ended up at the bottom of the ocean.


Sea Captain

Raise the anchors and set sail! Time to explore the open seas as you look for giant squid and Neptune himself.


Shark School

Grab your pencil, dive right in, and get ready for school-Shark School, that is. This 4-row slots game is making a big splash, so try it out.



It was all about gold in the days of the gold rush, when prospecting out in the wilderness could have paid off big time. Kind of like in the Paydirt online slots game! Win with 25 lines of gold-plated


Food Fight

Who doesn’t love a food fight, as long as you don’t have to clean up the mess! Just grab a handful of peas and mashed potatoes and join the fun in the popular Food Fight online slots game!


Diamond Dozen

Forget a dozen roses; when you hit the huge Diamond Dozen online slots jackpot, you’ll be dealing with bouquets of diamonds!


Triton's Treasure

Travel deep under the sea with the best US casino and discover Triton’s Treasure hidden riches. Win Triton’s favor and win lots of cash rewards.


The Naughty List

Why bother waiting for Christmas to score some presents? Take control of Santa's sleigh and go hunting for them yourself. He won't mind. The big guy in red loves people on The Naughty List.


Coyote Cash

When the coyote has all of the cash, who cares about the roadrunner? No need to chase that annoying bird when you can become rich just from catching the aloof coyote!

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