Random Jackpots


Loch Ness Loot

One of the most enigmatic mysteries of the world has now arrived at Palace of Chance with Loch Ness Loot online slot game.


Loose Caboose

The Loose Caboose is now a cash train! Hop on and take a trip to money town in the Loose Caboose online slots game!



Lead Achilles in the famous epic battles of ancient Greece.


Crystal Waters

If you’ve ever seen those infomercials on TV late at night that promise you riches while you relax in a tropical paradise, you may think it’s all a cruel joke.


Count Spectacular

The spookiest member of our online casino games catalog comes back from the grave to award you with huge jackpots! Behold the Count Spectacular!


Treasure Chamber

The tropical rainforest is no place for the feint of heart, but with hefty risk, comes ample rewards in the Treasure Chamber casino slots game.



It was all about gold in the days of the gold rush, when prospecting out in the wilderness could have paid off big time. Kind of like in the Paydirt online slots game! Win with 25 lines of gold-plated


Ninja Star

Think fast. Really fast. Or you’ll miss all the high-flying, back-flipping, star-throwing ninja action. Welcome to Ninja Star, one of the fastest online slot machine games you’ll ever play!


Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever has always been a loyal companion, and is a hard working member of the canine family. In this online slots game version, this Golden Retriever is pampered beyond belief, with a diamond studded collar and three story dog house.


Food Fight

Who doesn’t love a food fight, as long as you don’t have to clean up the mess! Just grab a handful of peas and mashed potatoes and join the fun in the popular Food Fight online slots game!

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