What is making my withdrawal take so long?

We all agree that gambling online is fun, and with that said any wagering you do should always be for entertainment. But if it is entertainment that you are looking for, why not just go to the golf range. Playing online casino games for cash is all about winning and getting paid which is the ultimate goal when choosing this pastime.

Now, finding an online casino that offers the players a quick withdrawal and multiple payment options is also influential. Before I go into further detail, let’s take a moment go over why at times a withdrawal may seem to take way too long receive and understanding the withdrawal process.

innerwithdrawal05082015There is truly only one way to really find out an online casino’s withdrawal process and that is by doing your homework. It may take a little time to figure it out, but withdrawal timeframes will vary from casino to casino and it mainly depends on factors like: type of deposit bonuses, withdrawal methods that may be available and most importantly the player.

When a player builds up a nice balance there are a several things that a player may do to delay his/her withdrawal without even knowing. Some players are so used to playing in a brick and mortar where you simply get your withdrawal receipt from the slots machine and walk to the cashier where you get your money. Playing at an online casino on the other hand the process is not that easy. They would need to verify they are who they say are and this can only be done by providing the casino with some personal documents such as ID, proof of address, copy of the credit cards used and possibly some authorization form.

Another common issue is that timeframes can be confusing at times, for instance if the same withdrawal is requested several times cancelling it by placing it back in their playable balance, then requesting it again and so on, it will create an issue: Most players think that by simply initially requesting a withdrawal no matter how many times you go back and forth, that it will commence that infamous waiting period in order to have that balance removed from your account and sent to banking. That is not the case as every time they cancel the withdrawal to play some more, it is simply restarting the process only to delay the withdrawal. So with that said, if your thought process is to cancel the withdrawal in order to extend your gameplay in attempts to win more money then great.

inner1withdrawal05082015If you live in the US, you will want to pay special attention to the payout limits as well as withdrawal options available at a particular online casino because they can greatly vary from those living in other countries. This can be another reason why you might feel a withdrawal is taking so long and it pretty much boils down to the fact that online casinos cannot pay you directly hence why they need to pay you through third party processors. Most of these processors offer all sorts of withdrawal options such as checks, wire transfers and many other options are opening up every day. Options like Neteller, PayPal and other similar ones are only being offered to International player at the moment.

So what Is The Fastest Casino Payout Method?

The type of casino payout option that will be the quickest for players to receive will depend on one main variable; where a player lives. There are options that available to international players that are not available to USA players, which will then factor into the different timeframes that a withdrawal will be received.

For players in the United States, the quickest payout method should be a wire transfer. Every online casino available will offer a bank wire for withdrawals. Some of them have different limits, but all of them should offer this as a service. All you have to do is give them your banking information and they will wire the winnings directly into your account. The time it takes to receive this type of a payout varies anywhere from 24 hours to 7 business days but on average 5 business days. This exceeds the next quickest method for U.S. players by several days, and sometimes weeks.

Check Withdrawals is still one of the best ways to cash out from online casinos, especially if you live in the US. Just about all online casinos that accept US players will offer a check to pay you out your winnings. This will be sent to you via FedEx, UPS or DHL and it usually gets to your door within 3 to 7 days from the moment it leaves the processor. The only issue with this method is that depending on your bank, they might hold the in order to ensure the fund before making them available to you.

So if you want to have your withdrawal in your hands as quickly as you deposited your money into the casino while playing online, then you are in for a surprise. On the other hand if you enjoy playing at the convenience of your own home or mobile device, just be prepared to wait sometime before you will have access to your winnings.


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