How Do I use my Comp Points?

When you write to us, we are listening. At Palace of Chance we want to make sure that you are aware that our blog is intended to entertain you, but also answer all of your questions. Check out this question by one of you:

“Hi, my name is Mary and I joined your casino a few months ago. Even though I’m an old time gambler, the online casino world has its difficulties for me. For example, I have won tons of comp points and somehow I just don’t know how to use them. Could you explain it all to me like the seventy two year old woman that I am? I would truly appreciate it.”

Dear Mary, We will answer your question as thoroughly as possible. Please let us know if we succeeded or you still have more doubts.


As you know, you have won comp points by playing certain games or depositing money and now you have built up comps on your account. To give you a better idea of what online comp points are, you already know that at land based casinos, you can use them for different things; you can get meals, hotel rooms, tickets and items from the gift shops. Most casinos have a player’s club desk where the hosts can check your comps and give you a paper comp or just put the information on your card. It’s almost exactly the same with online casino comp points, but the difference is where the cashier in our online casino is located. Does this make more sense now?

When you play any of our games, except progressive video slots, you get comp points into your account. This is why you seem to have so many of them. Our software is set up to automatically accumulate comp points for you at different rates for different games. In addition, you may be awarded additional points at any time at the discretion of the casino’s management and you can redeem your points for real money or exciting prizes.

Once you want to use these points for real money or find out what prizes are available, all you have to do is contact our customer service through any of these channels:

  • Phone Toll Free: 888-262-5515
  • Fax Toll Free: 800-847-5125
  • Email:
  • Or Chat Live by Clicking Here

What’s important to remember, Mary, is that you can cash your points at any time and all you have to do is contact us to find out what options we have to offer and you can choose from them what best suits you.

Palace of Chance Casino at your service!


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