Can You Switch from Playing with Fun Money to Real Money?

This is a great question that we’ve been asked a few times and we definitely want to give you the heads up on this. It’s important to mention that even experienced players who prefer gambling with real money, sometimes want to test a new game or try out a new strategy without risking their bankrolls. Fun money provides a way to get used to a game’s particulars, come up with tactics for play, study odds/payouts, and get a feel for the software before playing with real money.

Taking this into consideration, it might make this switch a more relaxing one for you. Once you switch to real money, it doesn’t mean you can’t play with fun money anymore. This transition doesn’t have to be a stressful one or a permanent one. When you decide to make this change, take into account some of the following suggestions.

  1. Test The Waters First
  2. If you’re new to an online casino, we suggest you definitely start with fun money. Test all of the games available. Practice your favorite games until you get a good idea of how to gamble online. Once you do and you feel ready, go for the real money.

  3. Budget Correctly
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    If it’s your first time playing for real money, we recommend that you try out the games that you know best. Playing the games that you know best, guarantees that you know exactly what you’re doing and it reduces the chance of making rooky mistakes.

  5. Tighten up
  6. Playing with fun money can feel very relaxed and crazy, because the chips or the points don’t have any real value. In Poker or card games, for example, it pays to tighten up, since some players will still be playing too many hands and making bad calls.

  7. Take it seriously
  8. It’s vital to have fun while playing with real money, but always aim to play your best, even if the most you can win or lose is a couple of dollars. If you’re winning at your favorite slots or at the smaller stakes, you will enjoy the games much more and become a better player very quickly.

How about it? Do you feel ready to give real money a chance? Do it at your own pace and enjoy your favorite games. Let us know how this transition went for you. We always want to know about your experiences playing at Palace of Chance Casino.


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