How can I choose the correct payment method?

When it comes to payment methods, Palace of Chance makes it quick and easy to make a transaction. Depositing is quite simple, but the withdrawal methods might be a different story for some. Understandably so, it is possible to get confused. No problem; let us clarify this for you all a bit.


innerdeposit07102014Funding your account is really quite simple. The main way that works for everyone is by using your plastic.

Palace of Chance accepts Visa and MasterCard either credit or debit cards. One important issue to remember is that if you are a new customer and want to process transactions using a credit card, you need to fill out the Credit Card Agreement Form beforehand. The Accounting department needs the completed form on file in order to process any credit transactions. Of course, credit and debit card information must be protected against any kind of mishap. So, if there is ever a discrepancy with a charge made to your card, do not hesitate to call or send an e-mail to the processing department, and they will gladly do anything they can to help you resolve the issue.

The second option is to use Neteller to fund your account. You can make instant transfers to as well as from your Palace of Chance account and have access to that money fast. Also, there are no extra charges for making transfers to and from the casino. Neteller, however, is only for non-US and Canadian customers.


innerwithdrawal07102014Withdrawing funds from your Palace of Chance account is just as simple as it is to deposit, however not as fast. Simply log in to your account, click on “Cashier” and then on “Withdraw Money.” Next, you need to choose your plan of withdrawal. You can choose between Cash Deposit, Overnight Express (Federal Express Cashier’s Check), Click2Pay, or Wire Transfer. Remember that different methods have different withdrawal fees. If you want more in depth details, please contact our customer support staff.

It is important to remember that withdrawal processing requires the proper paperwork. You can have your withdrawal approved in only 10-15 business days; you will be contacted about the approved withdrawal within 48 hours of the approval, will need to verify all personal information, and will discuss payout options.

All information must be correct in order to receive payout. After your payout is confirmed and your documentation is approved, it takes 5-10 business days for funds to be processed; we use a third party company for this service. The smallest withdrawal amount we can process is $100. Once the payment processor sends your check, we get your tracking number, which is then emailed to you.

We hope this clears up any doubts about Palace of Chance’s payment methods. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our customer service department, and they will gladly assist you with your needs.


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