How Do Deposits and Withdrawals Work?

One of our new members wrote to us asking us for guidance. Her message was:

“Hi, I’m new to online gambling. I’ve been playing with fun money for the past two months, but I’m now ready to play with real money. However, I am petrified of the transactions. I’m an old fashioned lady, so I really don’t understand how it works. I don’t know how secure these transactions are nor the details around giving and receiving money with and from an online casino. Could you please explain it to me like I was a two year old? Thank you.”

Of course we will gladly explain how these transactions work. Don’t ever feel like a question can’t be asked one hundred times if needed. At Palace of Chance Casino we want to make sure that you know that you can always ask any questions you may have. Even if it is the same one over and over again. And this is no overstatement! Our job is exactly that one: answering your questions.

So let’s take a look at these transactions:



The first time you deposit, there are many ways in which you can do so. In this case, since you already have an account with us and assuming you already downloaded the casino software, all you have to do it start the software and log into your account. Then you click on the “Cashier” button. In the “Cashier” page, you will find different options to make your deposit and once you choose one, it will take you to the next step and then, the next.

If these steps are too complicated for you to follow that first time, you can always call Customer Service and they will take you step by step until you reach your goal. Our toll free number is 888-262-5515


Withdrawals are done in exactly the same manner as deposits. You enter the “Cashier”You must exit the game and enter the Cashier section of the casino’s lobby. From the Cashier, you may request a withdrawal in the same way you requested a deposit.


To complete withdrawals, you must expect 10 – 15 business days. When you request payouts with Cashier checks, please note that they are sent twice a month. It’s important that you remember that the deposit method you choose will be the same used for your withdrawals, except for credit cards. Withdrawals can’t be paid with credit cards. However, we will send you your earnings via the method you prefer.


Palace of Chance Casino does all gambling in US Dollars; however, it accepts deposits in any world currency. For withdrawals, we will need to return the money in dollars. Transactions between you and our casino are strictly confidential.


Since you asked about security, please know that our transaction system is extremely secure. The software uses the latest in SSL encryption technologies and our casino is supported by CDS certification, Gambling Wages and is certified by Gaming Labs. They ensure the protection of your credit card and personal information at all times.

Please let us know if you have more questions by writing to us in the comments below this post. We can only help you if you let us know what YOU need to know.


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