Which casino games should you play to recover from the holidays?

Happy 2015! Well, maybe not so much. Perhaps you’re still nursing that nasty hangover and you wish you didn’t down all that eggnog, which you assumed was just supermarket eggnog, sans booze. You assumed wrong.

So, what’s the best way to ease yourself into the new year? If you’re looking to play some online casino games, we’ve got the perfect games to play that don’t require too much brainpower.

Casino War

Casino War
Remember the card game War you used to play as a kid? Well, now you can play it for money at Palace of Chance. It’s you versus the dealer and high card wins. Seriously, that’s all there is to it. No thinking about your bets. No deciding whether to place a side bet. It’s high card wins, automatically. If you do end up tying with the dealer, you’ll have the option to face off against him, but you’ll need to place an extra bet. If that’s too big of a decision for you to make while still getting used to natural daylight and non-alcoholic beverages, feel free to skip pass.

Any Slots With AutoPlay

innerhungovr041220144Looking for the ultimate casino game to play that doesn’t require you to make any decision whatsoever? We’ve got over 80 of them. When you play online slots at Palace of Chance, you’ll have the opportunity to let the software do the spinning for you. Just turn on AutoPlay and you can sit back and relax (or even get in a quick catnap).

The software will spin the reels, pay you out, and spin again using the last locked in bet and line selections you’ve made. You have all the fun and none of the effort just by clicking a single button. Don’t tell me this doesn’t sound appealing when your head doesn’t feel like that at all…

Multiplayer Roulette

On that rare occasion that you’re missing all the company you had as you watched the ball drop, consider playing Multiplayer Roulette. It’s just like the live version you know and love, except you can play alongside other players, all of whom are just as committed to busting the croupier with you. On the flipside, if you want an even slower pace, regular Roulette still works wonders. Remember, you get to control how long each game takes, so feel free to relax in between spins.


This is a game that involves being social and have fun, but doesn’t demand much of the player, which means you won’t have to plan a strategy that’s too hard on your sore head if you’re still going through that hangover we were talking about. Also, Craps is one of those casino games that make you feel like a winner at all times, that James Bond feeling can’t be compared.

There are lots of no-brainer games available right now of Palace of Chance, so log on and fine something you’ll love. Who knows? You might discover your new favorite for 2015.


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