Which are the best table games for cougar ladies?

Mrs. Robinson… was a classy, older and good looking woman who knew exactly what she wanted in life.
We all know who the original Cougar Lady was: Mrs. Robinson, from the very sensuous movie “The Graduate”, was a classy, older and good looking woman who knew exactly what she wanted in life.

It is of absolutely no surprise that as the years have passed, and given the fact that since the sexual revolution of the 70’s, and the long fights for gender equality, more and more older women get to a mature age either single or divorced.

This is a fact, and not a bad one if you ask me: all these women are empowered, smart and well, that’s why they are cougars…so, if you are a cougar and love to play casino games, which table games could be best for you to meet a young handsome catch? Let’s take a look:


innercougar17092014Baccarat is a sexy game, one of the hottest Pop Icons played it: who hasn’t heard of James Bond?

It requires you to take things seriously and have a strategy. This is very important for any cougar lady. Cougars usually just want to have fun and it is important to do so making sure there are no attachments, while proving they are in fact ladies.

Baccarat players are all about having fun and proving how clever they are, both men and women also find this game to be a game for the elite, which means you will most likely meet a man who enjoys the fine things in life.

Perfect Pairs:

The game says it all: Perfect Pairs. Any cougar looking for a good companion will most likely be lucky at the Perfect Pairs table as the game itself implies finding the right match. It also gives the player an additional chance to win more…talk about perfect analogies….

Match Play 21:

Unlike regular Blackjack (which can be tricky for a Cougar as most people who are good at this game tend to be hiding something), Match Play 21 is played with 8 decks of cards, increasing probabilities of winning. This can certainly be taken as a hint: the wider the variety, the better chances of winning, wouldn’t you agree?

All of these games are available to play at Palace of Chance, in case you need to practice your game before hitting the tables at a land based casino, we certainly recommend you take some time to master the games in full. Remember the idea is to impress the younger male crowd, not ask for help like a young clueless girl would.

Now that you have learned which games we consider better allies for the cougar looking to have some fun, do you have any other casino table games you consider can be a good choice to meet a hot young man?


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