Match Play 21

If you are into Blackjack, Match Play 21 is an interesting twist on this fun casino classic. Rather than one (or sometimes two to three) decks of cards being used to deal there are 8 decks in this game, so playing the odds calls for a totally different approach. Think that sounds exciting, there is another surprise; all the 10’s have been removed as well. With this, the odds of getting a 21-hand are diminished by only having face cards and the Ace.

How to Play Match 21

Get ready for white-knuckle action; this is one of the most sought after Palace of Chance casino games. When you’re ready to play just click “Deal” and enjoy the exciting action of Blackjack with a little twist. Remember, you are playing against the dealer, so choose your next move wisely after the initial cards have been dealt. You have the same rules as the dealer, so neither of you has any advantage over the other, the only difference between the odds in Match 21 and regular Blackjack is that it is harder to get a natural 2-card 21.

Player’s Turn

Place your bet and then click ‘Deal’ to have your cards dealt to you. You will be able to see only the dealer’s top card. Evaluate your hand then decide if you want to hit or stay.
Just as in regular Blackjack, you can play with insurance, split your cards if they are two of a kind, and double down if you think you’re in for a big win.

Dealer’s Turn

The dealer will deal your cards when you are ready to play after making your bet. After you get all the cards you want, he will deal himself cards to try and beat you.

You Win When

If your hand is better than the dealer hand without going over 21, then you collect. But, if you go over 21, the dealer takes it all. There are also some special payouts to be noted:

2:1 Payout on the First Hand

When you win, you double your bet—its as simple as that. Bet it all and you’ll double your bankroll in case you win. You also get a 2:1 payout with three 7’s suited, 6,7 and 8 suited or 6 cards in your hand that equal 21.

3:1 Payouts on Special Hands

If you get three 7’s of Spades or a 6,7 and 8 of Spades then you get a 3:1 payout. You also will see your money triple if you get 7 cards in your hand that ass up to 21.

3:2 Payouts on Special Hands

Any time you get three 7’s or a 6,7 and 8 combination (mixed suits) of 5 cards in a hand that equal 21, you can celebrate a 3:2 payout on your initial bet.

Match Play 21 Game Screen
Match Play 21 Options Screen
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