Which Are Popular Blackjack Variations?

Blackjack, or Twenty-one as it is simply called in many countries, has to be one of the oldest casino games in gaming history. It unquestionably is not going to leave the casinos anytime soon, but its offspring are certainly showing up. People always like to change things up, and the same has occurred with this classic game. Blackjack’s variations have hit the casino scene to stay. Let’s check them out.

Perfect Pair Rules

innervariations15102014The Perfect Pairs version has distinctive payouts for a side bet that wins if the first two player cards are any pair, pair of the same color or pair of the same suit.

• Doubling is allowed on any first two cards
• Perfect pairs side bet wins 5 to 1 for any pair, 10 to 1 for the pair of the same color, 30 to 1 for a perfect pair
• Split up to 2 times
• Split Aces once
• Side bets have low odds of winning

Progressive Blackjack Rules

This blackjack variant provides an additional $1 bet per hand, and offers a chance to win the progressive jackpot. Quite an upgrade from the regular Blackjack games we learn to play at first:

• A side bet of $1 wins $25 for any 2 Aces
• $50 for 2 Aces of the same suit
• $250 for any 3 Aces
• $2500 for 3 Aces of the same suit
• 10% of the Jackpot for any 4 Ace
• 100% of the Jackpot for 4 Aces of the same suit
• Side bets have very low winning odds, therefore they should be played only when you see a very big jackpot.

Pontoon Rules

innerpontoon15102014A British-style blackjack variant that allows you to “Twist”, “Stick” and “Buy”, and unlike in usual blackjack the 10+A hand is called a Pontoon, not a Blackjack.

• Pontoon pays 2 to 1
• 5 card hand that is less or equals 21 beats all but Pontoon
• Split up to 2 times; Double once any 2-4 card hand
• Can hit after Double
• Player hits on 14 or less
• Dealer wins all ties

Super 21 Rules

Also known as Super Fun 21, this is a Blackjack variation that add more ways to beat the dealer:

• Played with one deck
• Diamond BJ pays 2 to 1
• Player blackjack beats dealer blackjack
• Split up to 3 times
• Can Double Down after Split
• Player 6 card hand – 20 beats dealer blackjack
• Player 5 or more card hand = 21 pays 2 to 1
• Blackjack pays even money
• Re-Split Aces once

This most certainly is not all the variations of blackjack that exist. There are many, many more; but these are the most well-known. If you decide to play a blackjack variant at a casino, make sure you know the rules well first. You don’t want to look like a you-know-what.


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