For those Blackjack players that want to spice the game up a little bit to make it more interesting, Pontoon is a perfect place to start. The rules are the same as in traditional Blackjack except for one switch, the dealer has to hit on a soft 17. Players can bet as much or as little as they want to control their cash-flow, but you will most likely want to up your betting strategy with the advantage you get from the dealer’s mandatory soft-17 hit. Essentially, you’re playing Blackjack, but unlike other casino table games, you get a seriously elevated advantage over the dealer because you don’t have to play a soft 17 hand while he does.

How to Play Pontoon

The coins in Pontoon are divided into denominations of $1, $5, $25, $100, $500. So, instead of typing in an amount, you just click on the coins until you get to your chosen bet amount. For example, to bet $85, you can either click on $1 85 times or click $50 once, $25 once and $10 once. It’s really that simple. Get ready for some serious casino game action by placing your bets. Then click “Deal” and enjoy the exciting action of Blackjack with a little more fire. Remember, you are playing against the dealer, so choose your next move wisely after the initial cards have been dealt. You are only playing against the dealer so feel free to play with a little more spice with the dealer’s conditions.

Player’s Turn

When your bet is set, just click ‘Deal’ and watch your winnings grow as you win. All of these winnings are immediately credited to your account so you know your money situation before the next hand. Just as in regular Blackjack, you can split, double-down and play with insurance as you see fit. You can only double down during play, but you can hit afterwards. You can also split twice in any single hand (except Aces, which can only be split once).

Dealer’s Turn

When your bets are placed, the dealer will deal your cards. You can hit or stay depending on how your think your chances are, but remember to adjust your strategy because he has to hit on a soft 17. Play your own game and stick to your strategy, because you don’t get to see what the dealer has been dealt himself.

You Win When

If your hand is greater than that of the dealer, without going over 21, then you take it all home; but if you go over 21 or his hand beats yours, you lose your bet for that round.

Dealer’s Hand is Face-Down

You can stand on 15 or over but you have to hit on 14 or under
You don’t have to play any hand that is at least 15 at any point during the game, but if you only have 14, you have to play.

Natural 21 Checks

Built into the game is a natural 21 check, so you can catch up to the dealer and beat his 21 with your 21. Work your hand right and you can see some big-time winnings this way.

Push Goes to the House

Unlike regular Blackjack, any ties with the dealer do not go back to you, but instead are lost to the house. This function is balanced by the dealer having to push on a soft 17.

Pontoon Game Screen
Pontoon Options Screen
Pontoon Bet Options
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