What’s the perfect game for your personality?

Everyone has a different personality, and that means everyone has a different way of interacting with friends, coworkers, and strangers in public. If you’re headed to a casino, you’ll want to pay attention to today’s article. No matter what personality type you fall into, we know exactly which game you should consider playing. Knowing these details could help you be more profitable on the casino floor, so read up (especially if your personality type forces you to get sidetracked).

The Introvert

innerintrovert26022015Love to be on your own and enjoy your own time without having to interact with others? This type of personality is very common, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t like to socialize, are shy or go to entertainment places: being an introvert only means that you enjoy being by yourself, even if surrounded by other.

Slots are the perfect game for the introvert. With just you and the machine, there’s no need to chat with others while you play.

It’s the perfect game for just chilling by yourself. If you’re an extrovert, feel free to play a machine in a busy section where you can chat with your neighbors.

The Extrovert

innerxtrovert26022015Extroverts are usually the life of the party and even if they are not, they are the perfect ones to bring along as they will make friends with anyone and everyone.

If you love socializing with people while you play, your best bet is Craps.

The dice-throwing game is build for outgoing people who love chatting with each other.

With everyone crowded around the dealer cheering on the dice thrower, you won’t find a better game built with camaraderie in mind.

The Thinker

innerthinker26022015People who are categorized as “thinkers” don’t act or react impulsively; they consider all possibilities and even enjoy thinking of every different possible scenario on every situation.

If you enjoy thinking and planning hard while you play casino games, the you shoulid most definitely consider poker in all of its variations, specially Caribbean Stud Poker.

With an ante on the table and the option to raise or fold your hand, it really requires a level of concentration that other games might not necessarily require. We’re pretty sure you will feel totally drawn to this game and will certainly succeed in making your bankroll grow.

The Scientist

innerscientist26022015If you fall into this type of personality, you’re an independent person who happens to be very analytical. And you have an amazing ability to turn a simple theory into a very real plan of action.

Any of these traits this sounds like you? Well, if you want a real brainteaser to make you smile and have a blast, head over to the poker room at your local casino and play real Texas Hold’em against other players.

You’ll need to pay attention to every hand and every move. And because you can bluff, you could still win big while holding the worst hand.

The Lazy Person

innerlazy26022015There’s nothing wrong with being lazy. Sometimes all you want to do is chill without having to think. Maybe you’re lazy 99% of the time.

Maybe you just prefer to be lazy at a casino. Whatever the case, you’ll love Casino War.

Just place your bet and let the dealer deal out your card. Whoever has the higher card wins. It’s even more of an autopilot game than slots, which requires thinking for bonus rounds. The only time you’ll need to pay attention in Casino War is if there’s a tie and you decide to go to war.

Which personality do you think fits you best? Care to find out by trying the different games we believe will suit each? You might learn more about yourself than you expected and, if lucky, you could even make some cash from it.


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