What are the Dos and Don’ts of Blackjack?

Blackjack falls under a special category of games that are easy to play, but difficult to master. While it’s a great option for injecting some skill into your gambling experience, you’ll want to make sure you know about some simple practices that separate serious players from the crowd before stepping up to the tables.

Do: Know the house rules before beginning a game.

innerdosdonts29012015There are two primary types of blackjack games that are common in casinos around the world. First, there is London Deal. In this game type, players are dealt cards face up and forbidden from handling them at any time throughout the round. On the other hand, Nevada Deal rules indicate that your cards are dealt face down, and you are permitted to handle them. Ignorance of the rules of a particular game could lead to you being thrown out, so pay attention before making your bet.

Don’t: Never touch your bet after the round has been started.

Touching your bet after cards have been dealt is never a good thing. In the best case, you’ll be subject to a harsh reminder of the rules. In the worst case, you may be accused of attempting to alter your bet. In either situation, the results aren’t great for you as a player.

Do: Learn the code of hand signals used to communicate your play with the dealer.

If you’ve ever stepped inside of a casino, you may have noticed the vibrant, noisy atmosphere that’s synonymous with major gambling destinations. In order to avoid confusion, a universal code of unique hand signals will help you communicate your intentions to the dealer without unnecessary expenditure of energy or loss of concentration. If you’d like a hit, simply tap your fingers on the table behind your cards. If you’d prefer to stand, a simple wave of the hand above your cards will let the dealer know that you don’t want any more cards.

Don’t: Never stand if you have a hand total of 11 or less.

inner2dosdonts29012015Even blackjack novices know that it’s impossible to bust with a hand of 11 or less. If you want to avoid some puzzled looks from your fellow gamblers, remember to take another card in this situation. Blackjack strategies come in many shapes and sizes depending on both your cards and the cards of the dealer, so consider learning a bit of basic strategy in order to improve your chances at the tables.

Do: Treat fellow gamblers and your dealer with respect.

Nobody likes a party pooper, so remember to avoid taking out your frustrations on those around you. Keep unpleasant comments to yourself and avoid ruining the good times of fellow players. Instead, focus on having some fun, and the luck is sure to shift in your favor. Also, remember to respect your dealer. It is common courtesy to tip the dealer following a hot streak, so consider following the trend if you’ve had a profitable night at the tables. Respect for those around you will make your time at the blackjack tables much more enjoyable.

Don’t: Never give up!

Even the world’s best blackjack players had to start somewhere. Focus on cheaper games while building your skills before putting them to the test with higher stakes. Like everything in life, blackjack is a game that gets a lot more fun with a little practice! Keep at it, and you, too, will soon be screaming, “Blackjack!”


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