Understanding the main types of casino games

With over 150 games and climbing, playing at an online casino like Palace of Chance can seem a little daunting. After all, with so many different game types, who knows where to start? There’s a reason we’ve got Palace in our name, and it’s because we do things larger than life.

If you’re feeling a little intimidated by all the games, don’t be. While we have more games than most people are even aware of, each one can be easily lumped into one of four categories. Once you understand the categories, things will feel a lot less overwhelming, we promise.

Table Games


These are the most interactive games you’ll find at a casino because they force you to make decisions from the get go. Table games include Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and even Casino War. If it involves cards, it’s a table game. However not all table games involve cards (like Roulette for example). At a table game, you get to place your bet and interact with the dealer. In live casinos, you get to chat with other players. Table games tend to be slower paced than other games because players either get to make decisions and think about what they’re going to do, or the dealer spends time shuffling cards, paying out bets, or giving players opportunities to place new bets.

Slot Machines


These games are one-on-one and there’s no dealer involved. Instead, it’s just you versus the machine. That’s true whether you’re playing in a live casino or at an Internet gambling site. Slot machines don’t involve a lot of thinking. You place your bet, press a button, and wait to see what happens. But slot machines are extremely popular because you have the potential to hit a massive jackpot.

Many online casinos, Palace of Chance included, have progressive jackpots totaling in the millions. Every time you play, you feed the jackpot. And you can win big without necessarily popping a jackpot just by matching the right combination of symbols. Slot machines are immensely popular, too, because they often include bonus rounds that let you win big without paying.

Video Poker


A hybrid of a slot machine and a table game, video poker puts a typical game of poker up on a screen. But instead of playing against someone, you’re pretty much playing against yourself. If you have a qualifying hand (usually a pair of Jacks or anything better) you win. The better your hand, the more cash you’ll pocket.

Video poker comes in all sorts of variations, so sometimes there are wild cards, which could help you win even more.If you love to play poker, no matter if you online play live online or at the casino, you must try Video Poker at least once, we’re pretty sure you will find it amusing.

Specialty Games


There are a lot of games you won’t necessarily find at your favorite US casino. For example, while American Roulette is widely available, European and French Roulette are not. But at online casinos like Palace of Chance, you’ll find them under the Specialty Games section. You’ll also find games like Keno, which is often played in casino lounges and restaurants, and not necessarily in the table games section.

All the different casino game types are available to play for free at Palace of Chance. So go ahead. Step inside and explore everything we have to offer. Remember, you can enjoy most of our games for free, so try it out without risking a dime.


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