Who’s Afraid of Those Big Scary Casino Games?

There are certain games people are often intimidated by…

I know I was!

If you’re a professional gambler, it might be hard for you to remember those days when the high-roller tables seemed like the unreachable popular kid’s table back in high school. Remember that? I do!

I remember when I would stick to the cents slot machines and from far away peak at the intimidating poker or Blackjack tables. I was even cautious when I would join one as a spectator, like if I could get charged for that.

Still, there are certain games that even people, who often go to casinos, are nervous about and share with me that they just can’t handle them. Why could this be? So, in order to understand it a bit, let’s take a look at those few games that seem to get the nerves out of people:


Craps: I can’t get enough comments from gamblers who experience some sort of love/hate relationship with Craps. People are very attracted to this game where it feels as if money flies around all over the table and the dice-rolling has so many different names. At the beginning, the best advice I can give you is to stick to it and follow the example of the experienced players in order to understand the pace of the game.

Omaha Poker: This type of poker is very similar to its relative Texas Hold’em, but in this one, each player gets four cards, she or he can only see one of them and has to use three of the five cards on the table. The risk is that the hands tend to be a lot higher than in Texas Hold’Em. This game tends to be so attractive because the number of cards in play makes for more potential hand combinations.

Let ’em Ride: Another member of the Poker family, Let ’em Ride seems too complex since it has a distinctive set-up of cards and chips. However, it is quite a simple game where gamblers play a five card stud poker hand are able to give up their original bet depending on the level of efficacy in their flop cards. It’s actually a quiet and slow game where you get to have time to think your moves.

Baccarat: This easy breezy simple game has an easy two card draw and no strategy involved, BUT it is very expensive to play. That’s the reason why most people think it might be complex and never really get too close to it. Besides, it is usually in the high-minimum, high roller areas of the casino floors.

Pai-Gow Poker: Another member of that intimidating family of poker, where gamblers try to beat the dealer by making two hands (one five-card hand and one two-card hand) with the cards they are dealt. At the beginning, it seems way impossible to reach, but believe me; it gets easier after a few games and above all, IT IS FUN!


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