Is this the Baccarat strategy feared by casinos?

Bet on the Player? Or the Banker? That’s the question that Baccarat players all over the planet debate before they sit down to play Baccarat. While betting on one over the other means dealing with a different house edge, the debate is actually purposely designed by casinos to distract you from something else.

It turns out that betting smartly on Baccarat could mean a massive difference to your bankroll. What we’re about to reveal could be the one Baccarat strategy that casinos all over the planet fear the most. And once you learn how it works, you can test it out for free at Palace of Chance.

The betting system is referred to as 1-3-2-4. It’s a low risk system that can help you make money in the long run, and it’s one that most land-based casinos don’t want you to find out about.

Here’s how it works. The bet includes four bets and as long as you win the first two bets, you’re guaranteed to win. It’s all because of the way you bet.

There are four bets that you’ll cycle through. If you lose a bet, you start again. This is also true if you cycle through all four bets.

1) Place a first bet of 1 unit. That’s the the ‘1’ in 1-3-2-4. If your bet loses, you have a loss of 1 unit. Remember, if you lose, you’re back to square one, so don’t move to the second bet.

2) If your first bet pays out, you can move to the second bet. You’re now betting 3 units. Remember, you just bet one unit and you won (that’s how you got here). If you lose at this point, you’ll have lost 2 in total. That’s because you bet 4 but are down 2 at this point.

3) Now this is the best part. Remember, you got here by winning your first bet and second bet. That means you bet 1 unit and won it. Then you bet 3 units and won it. So right now, you’re sitting on 6 units. The third round of betting is limited to 2 units, so at this point if you lose, you’ll still be up 2 units.

4) When we said #3 was the best part, we made a mistake. Really, the fourth bet is huge, especially if you win. At 4 units, winning this bet means that you’re staring down a profit of 10 units. And don’t sweat it. If this bet loses, you’ve still got a profit of 2 units.

As you can see, no matter what happens, you’ll always have a profit as long as your first two bets win.

If you like this betting strategy and are planning a trip to Vegas, we recommend trying it out with us first. And no, you don’t even have to dip into your wallet to test it out. Just create your free Palace of Chance account right now and you can take this betting system for a spin without risking one red cent.


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