How Do I Use the Craps Fire Bet?


I often get many questions regarding one of my favorite subjects: gambling. People I know and don’t know, ask me about rules, tips and suggestions on how best to win at their different preferred games. However, the game that keeps coming up is Craps.

It seems as if Craps, even though it’s a very simple game to play, is complex to understand at first. The questions that keep repeating themselves are from Craps players who want to know how best to play the Fire Bet.

First of all, it is infrequent to see the Fire Bet being paid out in Casino Craps. The prize is big time big and it’s certainly a bargain since the cost to play is so low. Since the odds are against the player, people are very cautious about making this bet. But, if you ask me, I say give it a try! If you lose, you lose small, but if you win, you win huge! Take a look at how it works:

Betting on Fire Bets

  • It’s all about communication, people. Once you understand how the bet works, the rest should be easy: you are betting that the shooter will be able to make 4, 5 or 6 individual points after a point is established. To make things clear, the shooter has to be your best friend, since she or he must make at least four individual “points” for you to win. A “point” is made when the shooter rolls any number between four and ten, except for seven, and then rolls that number again before rolling a seven.
  • What about the come out roll? The good news is that on the “come out” roll, during which the point is established, there is no impact on the Fire Bet if the shooter rolls a seven or “craps out” by rolling a two, three or twelve. Otherwise, the player loses when the shooter rolls a seven.
  • Be original! Each specific point must be different than the last. For example, the point of eight only counts once, no matter how many times the shooter hits it.
  • Check out the winnings: The player wins 25:1 for hitting four individual points, 250:1 for five individual points and 1000:1 for six individual points. The highest payout is given to the player when more than four points are hit.
  • Extra Tip

  • If and only if you happen to be superstitious, play the Fire Bet when a table is “hot” and the shooter is on a winning streak. This is an absolute leap of faith and luck that you must take whenever you feel it. There’s no exact equation for this one.

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