What’s the Craps Fire Bet?

The Craps Fire Bet was introduced by a Las Vegas Casino supervisor Perry Staci

Those who are not afraid to dare the luck itself will be excited to hear about a new bet in craps that was introduced by a Las Vegas Casino supervisor Perry Staci. At first you might hesitate as the odds are actually stacked against you, but on the other hand the low cost for entry is very tempting. In case, this caught your attention then all you need is casino chips worth at least $1 and a pretty basic knowledge of craps rules; and of course you will need to know what the craps Fire Bet is all about and we will tell you all about it right now!

Craps Fire Bet – rules and betting

First of all, let us begin with discussing the price for the play. You should have chips worth between $1 and $5 on the table. Once you have your stack you just warn the nearest dealer to you that you would like to play craps Fire Bet.

How does one win at the Fire Bet?

In order to win the shooter has to make four individual points the least; this means that the number on the shooter rolls should be between four and ten (seven does not count) and it should come out twice before seven is rolled.


There is no impact on the fire bet if the shooter craps out and rolls a 2, 3 or 12 on the come out roll (this is when the point is established); the same happens in case of rolling a seven. In all other cases, you lose if the shooter rolls a seven.

Some Exceptions

Individual points should not be repeated on two consequent rolls; so, each point must be different from the last one. For example, if you hit 5, it will count only the first time no matter how many times more the shooter hits it.

The Payouts

The payout is one of the most important parts of Craps Fire Bet; it matters the most as it is really huge. The rate starts at 25:1 when hitting four individual points and it increases rapidly. For five individual points the payout is 250:1, and for six 1000:1. In case of hitting more than four point only the highest payout is given out.

There are rather few gamblers who have seen the Fire Bet pay out in live casino craps, but those who have surely know that the long wait is worth every single second as the reward is massive.


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