Blackjack: Hit or Stand? [Infographic]

New players often ask themselves how to master their abilities on card games, especially on those with higher odds of winning such as Blackjack. You can’t become a pro if you don’t master the very basic rules and strategy of the game. That’s exactly why we have created this infographic for you with the help of Greg Elder, a professional gambler and author of books such as “Gamblers Fight Back” and more.

If you are a newcomer to the world of online casino games, our “Blackjack: Hit or Stand” infographic will teach you the basics so you can master your game in no time. This graph is based on the multiple deck casino rules used on both Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos, so it can be used not only while playing online but also if you decide to go on a gambling trip.

Hit or Stand: all there is to know about Blackjack (Infographic)

Hit or Stand: all there is to know about Blackjack (Infographic)-Full size

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Juliana Peyton

Her friends describe her as the funnest person they've ever met. Juliana loves blackjack and does a lot of practice and research on the game, she also claims to be a sucker for cute slot machine toys, which she has collected for several years. Graduated recently from UCLA and now is back in her hometown of Las Vegas ready to have fun!

One thought on “Blackjack: Hit or Stand? [Infographic]

  1. Mike Mangus says:

    I love this infographic! I have always wanted to be a professional blackjack player myself… i thought the curly letters were hard to read and i wish there was a printer-friendly version of it too, so i can post it on my fridge… =D I’ll keep reading your posts Juliana!

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