What exactly does “All free chip rules apply” mean?

Free chips. They’re exciting, right? After all, who would turn down anything free from a casino? If you gamble at live casinos in Vegas, there’s a good chance you have no idea what a free chip bonus is. That’s because real-world casinos aren’t famous for handing out free casino chips. Instead, they prefer things like free food and hotel stays if you’ve bet enough (and believe me, you need to bet a lot of money to get those freebies.

But the online casino world is different. At Internet gambling sites like Palace of Chance, you can earn free chips, which you can use to gamble online. There are a few ways to earn free chips.

  1. By looking for them on social media sites, like the Palace of Chance Facebook page
  2. By watching the Monthly Promotion page or the regular promo page
  3. By keeping your eye on your email for marketing promotions from your favorite online casino

But free chips often come with rules. You can’t just take the free chip, toss it into your account, and withdraw it right away. While we’re generous, we’re not crazy. The chip is there for you to enjoy casino games, not withdraw right away and blow on overpriced coffee.

That’s why our free chips come with a few rules. As long as you know them and follow them, you will have no problem profiting from free chips. Today, we’re going to go over the big ones, but be sure to read the entire free chip rules page so you understand all of them.

innerfreechip21092015Certain countries can’t cash out free chip offers without depositing
There’s a set list of countries on file at Palace of Chance. If you reside in one of these, you are not eligible to cash out from the free chip offer if you haven’t yet made a deposit. The free chips can be used in this case, but only for amusement purposes. Make sure you check the list before taking advantage of a free chip.

Welcome bonuses are limited to one promo per player, per family, per computer, per address
That’s a lot of “pers”, we know. But it’s the rule. And not only does it include match bonuses, it includes free chip bonuses. So if you use one today, you can’t use one tomorrow. And if you use one today, you spouse can’t use one tomorrow from the same computer and address (IP and residential).

Free chip offers are reserved for regular loyal players unless stated otherwise
If you like us on Facebook, you know that we hand out free chips to our community. Why? Because if you’re on Facebook and have taken the time to like our page, you’re likely one of our loyal players, so this one might not apply to you. But if you haven’t yet joined Palace of Chance, pay attention. Our free chip offers are reserved primarily for players who play regularly at Palace of Chance and have an active account, to which they have recently made a deposit.

You can only earn one free chip between deposits
If you’ve made a deposit last week, feel free to take advantage of a free chip offer. But if you come across a better one in a few days, regardless of how enticing it might be, it might not be for you. That’s because you need to make a deposit between free chip redemption.

Some games don’t count towards wagering requirements
If your free chip offer comes with wagering requirement, it simply means that you have to wager a certain amount to turn the free chip into cash. But not all games count towards wagering requirements, so be sure to read the list of restricted games.

Want to earn one of those free chips? You’ll need an account first. So sign up for free and prep yourself for maximum complimentary chip earning potential. Then, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for the latest free chip offers.


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