What are the basic rules of poker?

Today, poker is a highly regulated table game

Poker is a gentlemen’s game despite the bad rap it got in the Old West where shoot outs would occur over arguments and cheating. Today, poker is a highly regulated table game that draws millions of people a year, tempting them to go ahead and take a chance to try their luck on a hand or two – win your fortune or lose the shirt off your back. Poker is a fun game that requires luck and not a little skill.

When you think about the game of poker you are probably picturing the game of Texas Hold ‘Em which is the most popular and most often played form of poker. The game sits from 2 to 10 players and the winner is the player who has the highest value of chips at the end of the game. The game will go through three different phases: setup, betting, and showdown.


During the setup phase a dealer will be chosen (if you’re playing in a casino, the dealer will be the house) and he will ask each player to put out their “blinds” or forced bets. Once the blinds are place, the dealer will deal each player a card (two cards each) starting from his left.

On the next phase, betting begins with the players studying their cards and deciding if they want to fold, call (match the bet) or raise (raise the bet). Only one player may go at a time, moving in a clockwise rotation. The betting phase includes four rounds: the flop, the turn, the river, and the showdown. The showdown round is when the players lay down their cards to see who wins the pot.

Yes, these rules are VERY basic, but if you really want to learn how to play poker, your best “bet” is to learn by playing a few hands in a game with a low buy-in. Above all, have fun and enjoy what Palace of Chance has to offer.


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