How to Have a Flawless Date in a Casino

It’s that month of the year where our conversations turn into romantic scenarios and topics. Whether we are fans of St. Valentines or not, whether we follow the tradition or not, February basically mandates that we all talk about it.

Some people decide to become anti-Valentine’s Day advocates and others just decide to go with the flow. However, whether it’s February or not, let’s take advantage of the topic being set on the table and create perfect settings for your dates. You date at any time of the year, we all do! So, let’s go into the issue of how to make sure we have a flawless casino dates all year round.

Make sure you plan ahead of time, taking into consideration your budget and wishes for the nigh. For example: how long have you known this person? Will you two spend the night at the casino’s hotel? Will you have dinner there or will you two go to a restaurant first?


  • Bar: A great idea about a casino date is that most of the time, drinks are on the house. Be sure to take advantage of the free drinks provided while you are playing.
  • If your budget allows it, find out if there’s a cool show at the casino. Make sure it’s a show you BOTH will enjoy. This night is about the two of you, not just your date.
  • Create a budget of how much you guys are going to spend playing. Hours of trying to win back lost money, can turn a cool date idea into a disaster. However, you don’t want to make your date too anxious about losing money.
  • A great idea to include in your date to supply a certain number of chips and make a gambling pot from where you both will spend it all together. Call it a day when the chips are gone.
  • A great tip to have lots of fun, is going to play at the slot machines and they will give you more time to play on less money.
  • Last but not least, you can always make it the BEST NIGHT EVER by proposing to your love one at your favorite casino.

Keep in mind that playing table games means that the interaction is mainly between you and the dealer. With the slots, the two of you will be interacting together most of the time.

Ready? Any other ideas you may want to add to this list, please feel free to post in the comments below! We all need all the tips we can get!


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