How to plan the perfect marriage proposal at a Casino

We can’t help ourselves, but to get a bit romantic during this month. Come on! Casinos can be romantic as well and today we want to give you some tips on how to propose to your gambling boyfriend or girlfriend in one of them. You never know who these tips might benefit, right?

Choose your casino right: Yes, make sure you take him or her to her favorite one! If you’re reading this post, it might be because you really want to make it special. Plan as much as you have to in order to go to that place that he or she loves. If you have to hop in a plane for that, then plan ahead.

Book a special hotel night: If your favorite casino doesn’t have a hotel, which is a bit strange, make sure you book a room in the hotel next-door. If you propose in a casino, the environment might get very romantic and steamy in a matter of minutes. Make sure all of your bases are covered for that night! And if you are planning on running away for the weekend click here for a cool idea!


Delicious Dinner: Before proposing, have an amazing meal in the casino or a great restaurant nearby. The biggest casinos usually have exquisite dining restaurants, as you all know. Make sure you guys don’t eat too much, so that you have good energy afterwards. During dinner might be the time to propose, right? I mean, it’s the perfect environment to do it and afterwards have fun together gambling the night away.

Hit the games: At some point, hit the casino floor and plan to play and play! If you’re proposing in a casino, it means you both love them and gamble. Go for it! Sit at your favorite machines or tables and have a blast! Try to decide beforehand that both of you will become a winning team. It’s romantic if you create that special environment where fun and competition will join. At any point, in any of the tables, lean over and ask him to marry you. Like if you were going to suggest a game move. Do it that way! Unexpected! Or if you want a big fuss, then just kneel down and go for it! Any way you decide to do it, is perfect and romantic!

In Vegas? If you’re in Las Vegas, then you know your partner enough to know if the idea of getting married that same night is a good or a bad one. I myself would love the spontaneity of just going for it. If you say yes, you probably knew you were going to say yes, way before he or she asked. Missing a big wedding? No problem! Just plan a great big party where you will celebrate with the rest of the world how much you love each other.

If you’re in Las Vegas, The Bellagio Botanical Garden has live classical music every day. Proposing in this garden before the casino night, might be one of the best ideas you will ever have. This place is enchanting and don’t forget, it’s in a casino!

Are you ready to get casino hitched? We surely hope so!


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