What would you do for a $10 casino voucher?

Free casino comps. They’re not that hard to come by online. After all, when you play at Palace of Chance, you’ll qualify to earn a free deposit bonus when you fund your account for the first game. We don’t claim to be the only casino that does that. Lots of other online casinos offer new customers incentives (though, with our VIP program and ongoing bonuses, ours is clearly best). But in the live casino world, they don’t exactly hand out free cash. So when Valerie Snyder of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania won a $10 casino voucher at a Pittsburgh Pirates game, she knew she had to use it.

I’d do the same – unless I had my kid with me at the iinervoucheer08082014 time. Valerie is different. She figured since she was in the city, it couldn’t hurt her to hop in to the casino pretty quickly and play some slots. So with her 9-year-old son in tow, and with the voucher expiring in 24 hours, she made her way to Rivers Casino and hopped in for a quick game.

Since kids aren’t permitted in the casino, Valerie did what any normal parent would do. She left her kid in the car. And by ‘normal’ I mean ‘absolutely irresponsible’ and ‘horrible mom’.

Her kid agrees. “I really don’t think that my mom should have done that and left me in the car,” Kiel Criner said Wednesday afternoon. “She should have took me to the house first.”

Valerie was charged with child endangerment and you can bet she won’t be playing at Rivers Casino anymore. Not because she’s afraid or embarrassed to show here face, but rather because the casino won’t let her.

“We can’t stop parents from making bad decisions, but we are vigilant in our efforts to prevent this from happening,” read an email from the casino. “In addition to multiple, large underage restriction signs, our parking lot is monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras and patrols. This individual will receive a lifetime ban from our casino. We take this issue very seriously.”

I’m glad the casino takes this issue seriously. I just wish more parents would.


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