What are Common Casino Etiquette Rules?

Are you hitting a casino for the first time in your life? Or have you been to one already, but you’re still curious to know what kind of social rules are acceptable and which ones are not?

We have compiled some of the most basic etiquette rules that will be useful to anyone who is planning a trip to a casino. It’s important to note, that there factors that break these rules. People are free to be themselves and act as they please. I would say that the main rule is that there are no rules.

However, in case you want to know them, here they are some of the most basic:


  1. Stick to your group when you’re having fun. Casinos are huge and there are many groups of people having their own kind of fun. So, one of the first fundamental etiquette rule is: stick to your group, live and let live.
  2. Do not hit on Casino Staff. Come on! It’s logical, but also right, don’t you think? They see lots of people come and go, they handle your cards and money. No need to expand on the subject, I would think.
  3. Casinos are packed with cameras. Packed! You won’t be able to count them. You will never know how much the casino staff is looking at you. Casino basic etiquette says that you shouldn’t point at the cameras. You look like such a rookie by doing so and you know what? That might actually get the attention from the staff. If I go to a casino, I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to stay unnoticed by the cameras.
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  5. Casino etiquette states that you should never do anything that would obstruct the traffic flow inside of the casino. If you want to take a look at something, or take a picture, try to make sure that you are off to the side and out of the main aisles.
  6. Do not ever count your money out in the open. It’s not only improper, but it might also attract the attention of people whose attention you don’t want. Casino etiquette would have you take your money up to your room, or into a stall in the bathroom to count it.
  7. If you’re bringing a child to the casino, the correct thing to do is to never ever leave that child’s side. People do not want to deal with children in a casino. I know it sounds rough, but many people in a casino are actually running away from their everyday life and seeing children be children is not in their plans.
  8. Casino etiquette states that if you bring a stroller to a casino, never push it near the tables or the machines. This is a rule you won’t read in the casino walls, but at some casinos, it might actually cause an embarrassing moment where they might ask you to leave.

So here you have them! The next time you head to a casino, try to remember these invisible rules. They might seem very simple, but not following them might end up in you being asked to leave the premises.

And who wants to be asked to leave a casino? NO ONE!


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