What Are The Top Online Slot Payouts?

we still go for it hoping that luck will favor our way

Playing slots online has gained huge popularity from all corners of the world. It may be because of its accessibility and the chances of winning the heaping amount of money for the jackpot. All players are really concerned on which machine gives the biggest payout. We don’t care how the game is played and what our chances of winning are. This becomes the pitfall of the game.

The chances of winning when you gamble are really rare; this is something that we are aware of. However, we still go for it hoping that luck will favor our way and gives us the win anyway. Luck plays a small role when you gamble. Thus, it’s always good to know the rules on how the game is played and our chances of winning if we will go it. Here are the best online slot machines that offer the best payouts.

Progressive Jackpots

This machine offers the biggest payout that you can get online. The downside is that your chance of winning is slim. The money that you spend in this game will go directly to the jackpot pool, making it impossible for you to win. Hitting the jackpot will make you rich in an instance, but the main question is, “Are you going to win?” They say that it’s better to take your chances in the lottery than playing the Progressive Jackpots because the big payout offer is mainly a marketing strategy.

Multiline Slots

This game will make you think that you have a lot of chances to win with its different line combinations that you can bet, but the truth is you also need to spend a lot of money to be able to cover those lines. If the machine hits any of the line combinations that you’re betting, you’ll get the pot. What usually happens is that a player will run out of money to cover all of the possible winning combinations. If you place your bet on all combinations, you will also lose huge amount of money, so doing so is not a good idea.


If you notice, the games mentioned don’t favor the players. You may hit a win, but that will happen after spending thousands of dollars in betting and the amount of the pot may not be enough to cover the total amount of pennies you wagered. In some states, the government is regulating on how many times a machine can give the jackpot prize. This can be followed by some and is another factor that lessens your chances of hitting it big time.

Always take into consideration that slots offer tempting amount of money that you can get in the jackpot, but they’re always favorable to the house. Online slot machines are intended to entertain players and get their money for the advantage of the owner. The point is to know your limitations and you’re purpose each time you play; do you want to hit big time so you can buy a house? Or you just want to get some entertainment without caring if you will win or lose. Once you have the answer, play your game and make sure to have a great time.

Tonya Hollows

A wannabe professional poker and blackjack player. Incredibly positive and an overall rock n' roll kind of girl. She moved from Canada a few years ago to find new horizons, more related to her gambling skills. Ended up working as a casino hostess in Vegas and then became a full time writer for Palace of Chance.

6 thoughts on “What Are The Top Online Slot Payouts?

  1. mountie78 says:

    As always, when gambling, whether it’s the tables or slots, always play
    with you can afford to lose. If you win. or hit the jackpot, that’s
    just awesome, but a longshot! I just love playing!!! Never, never play
    with the grocery money..duh! I won’t go the casinos unless I have the
    amount I want to play with – in other words – discretionary funds!! It
    sucks sometimes, but thinking you are going to win enough to buy a new
    car is unrealistic!!

  2. Chad Graham says:

    My wife and I enjoy playing online slots together. we have never hit a jackpot of any kind, but we have hit 4-5 hundred dollars a few different times. Our favorite games are Ninja Star and Elf Wars. Both of them have excellent bonus rounds where you can hit big payouts. Username is cnh4eternity

  3. dblair1152 says:

    Great Blog! dblair1152

  4. popcorn36 says:

    I would love to win the top payout just once.

  5. Jolynn Bastemeyer says:

    i love to play, but I also know my limits and its always for fun I also know im never going to get rich or any thing close i play to relax and have fun playing the proggresive slots makes for lots of thoughts of what i would do with the jackpot if i ever hit one LOL but it great to dream jamie9999

  6. Susan A Sprouse says:

    Susan Warner

    I like playing the online slots because it’s fun. I know I won’t hit a jackpot, they are always high. I have my lucky days and my unlucky days, so my money goes up and down. I play more for fun than with my own money because I know my limitations. I dream about what I would do with so much money if I actually won tho…:) SAW1960

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