What are Progressive Slot Machines?

The Ultimate Progressive Prize

The jackpot is the ultimate prize for a slot machine
Each slot machine has a particular set of symbols that will trigger the highest payout. It may be three 7’s or 5 Wild symbols depending if you are playing a 3-reel or 5-reel game. Through the years the symbols have changed as well as the amounts but the premiss has remained the same. Line up certain symbols in a row and receive a specific amount.

This changed when the progressive jackpot was introduced. Progressive slot machines were developed so that the jackpots would increase steadily until they were won. Once a player won the jackpot the amount would be reset to a predetermined amount and then it would slowly increase as it was played.

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What Makes it Great?

The brilliance in this concept is that the players are building their jackpot, not the casino. Each time a person plays, a small percentage of their wagered amount is put towards the jackpot. The jackpot continues to grow until it is hit. As the jackpot grows players are enticed to play more and more because of the larger payout.

The dirty little secret about progressive jackpot machines is they usually are set at a lower overall payback. That means on average players will lose more money on these machines because of the lower payback. Many players ignore this fact in an attempt to hit the big payday.

The high dollar progressive jackpots can be irresistible to some players because of that life altering jackpot. However, there are thousands who have to lose so that one person can win. In general, slot players are better off playing machines that have a higher payback percentage especially for those players that play slots regularly.

Risk vs. Reward

If you decide to play large dollar progressive slots just realize you are playing a lower payback game and will probably lose. Make sure you ALWAYS play max coins on these machines so that you are qualifying for the progressive jackpot.


If you cannot afford to play max coins, do not play these machines.

Tonya Hollows

A wannabe professional poker and blackjack player. Incredibly positive and an overall rock n' roll kind of girl. She moved from Canada a few years ago to find new horizons, more related to her gambling skills. Ended up working as a casino hostess in Vegas and then became a full time writer for Palace of Chance.

6 thoughts on “What are Progressive Slot Machines?

  1. My philosophy is…if you don’t play you can’t win. A few spins here and there never hurt and who knows..?

  2. disqus_amzi3wOnnP says:

    The Jackpot is what I won on Palace of chance a couple months ago ($3400). When I won, I just sat there staring at my monitor… I didn’t believe in jackpots till I hit one. I have been playing on line for over 12 yrs. Such a great surprise. I have won a few $1000 this yr so far on POC. I dont bet alot at 1 time, only either .25 or .50. unless i am winning… Love you guys.



  3. Erik Hansen says:

    I hope POC will eventually have this feature for some of it’s slots!

  4. Wow…Tonya. You’re a travelling girl and open to new things. To become a writer for Palace of Chance what would you have to do? fhuk

  5. Love the slots & will keep playing them! Not into cards )

  6. fatboyhd00 says:

    you cant win if you dont play

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