Is there a Morgue under Crown Casino?

Yes, these are the kind or conversation we stumble upon at Palace of Chance Casino.

You can definitely file this story under the category of unusual. According to legend, Crown Casino in Victoria, Australia was noticing an excessively high mortality rate on its gaming floor, so management decided to do the only logical thing: install a morgue on the premises. The myth suggests that secret passageways litter the casino and hotel in order to allow for the smuggling of the corpses of fallen patrons without alerting other guests that anything out of the ordinary has occurred. Conspiracy theorists insist that trained personnel are on staff to ensure that the bodies are never discovered, but is it true?

As with any good myth, the morgue under Crown Casino is surrounded with a fair share of mystery and unknown variables, but local press has made plenty of attempts to confirm the tale. In particular, the Herald Sun Department of Internet spoke with a spokesperson of Crown Casino, who emphatically denied the existence of a morgue and expressed disbelief that the strange story continues to persist year after year. With that denial, the presence of a morgue appears to be unlikely, but conclusive evidence to the contrary hasn’t been confirmed or disproven at this point.

innercrown22052015The Australian gambling industry has more than its fair share of urban legends surrounding its long and ambiguous roots, so the myth of a morgue under Crown Casino shouldn’t come as a surprise. While all signs point towards this particular rumor being false, there are still some strange stories with a more factual basis. To illustrate this fact, let’s take a look at the fabled underground tunnels of legendary gangster Squizzy Taylor.

Joseph “Squizzy” Taylor was a real life criminal with a substantial area of influence centered on Melbourne, Australia. According to local legend, the kingpin had a series of tunnels constructed under the city to allow for better escape in the event of gambling raids. If you’re thinking that this sounds implausible, think again. Recently, a home near one of Squizzy’s former gambling dens was found to have a secret passage leading across the street. In this case, the evidence is compelling that the Australian gambling myth is true.

With an industry steeped in tradition and, many times, less than legal dealings, the formation of urban legends is unavoidable. While many are built on a foundation of truth, the case of the morgue under Crown Casino appears to be completely false. As long as a formal investigation is avoided, however, the mere possibility of truth will allow this myth to stand the test of time moving forward. In the world of urban legends, it is often a case of ‘true until proven false’.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to gambling lore. The tale of the Crown Casino morgue is a prime example of the effectiveness of the gambling community in keeping up traditions. Keep your ears open, as you never know when the next major casino myth could be coming your way. In the meantime, try not to pass away at the Crown Casino. Rumor has it that they have nowhere to put your body.


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