Did a bride leave her man on their wedding day because he’s bad at Blackjack?

Imagine falling in love with a woman, walking down the aisle, and getting ready to say those magical two words that will forever seal your fate in holy matrimony. Now imagine that before you can say ‘I do’, you’re asked to play a hand of Blackjack and told that if you lose, the marriage is over.

Actually, strike that. Imagine not even being told that if you lose the marriage is over. Imagine just being asked, not knowing that the result of your game could mean that you will wake up in the morning alone at home, and not next to your bride on your Hawaiian honeymoon.

innerblackjack16032015That’s what happened last week in India as a bride ditched her Groom during the ceremony because he isn’t very good at everyone’s favorite 21 game.

We’re not even making this up. At a wedding ceremony in Uttar Pradesh, India, a bride asked her groom to add 15 + 6. The answer, of course, is 21. The groom’s answer, unfortunately, was 17.

OK, so the happy couple wasn’t actually engaged in a game of Blackjack. But we can only assume that because the bride chose 21 as the final answer, she had a penchant for everyone’s favorite casino card game.

The number 17 is a pretty horrible answer and you’d think that even a first grader would be able to answer 21. And they would. Unfortunately, the grooom’s education was more than lacking. The bride suspected so even though his family claimed he was a highly educated, somewhat wealthy individual.

In Indian tradition, many marriages are arranged, so it’s likely that the bride and groom here never actually met until the wedding day. That’s not all that unusual, but bringing a game of Blackjack to the ceremony is a bit on the “did that really just happen?” side of craziness.

We’re not sure if the bride found a new groom who is good at Blackjack – or at least good at adding two basic numbers together. But let this be a lesson. You never know when Blackjack might pop up in life, so always be prepared for whatever life throws at you.


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