What is the mystery about VIP Monthly Insurance?

Palace of Chance tends to be a rarity in the casino industry.

Let’s face it. There are tons of online casinos competing for your business. A lot of them are great (I like to think Palace of Chance is the cream of the crop because I work here, but I’ll admit we are in good company) so they need to offer certain incentives to attract players.

Online signup bonuses are pretty typical. Those are the ones where the casino will match your deposit by a certain percentage (yup, Palace of Chance offers that). So are weekly promotions in the form of free chips (hi again, it’s me letting you know that Palace of Chance offers that to). But when it comes to monthly insurance, Palace of Chance tends to be a rarity in the casino industry.

VIP Monthly Insurance is exactly what it sounds like: insurance. You earn cash back just for playing every month as one of our VIP customers. At Palace of Chance, these players can earn even earn cash back on their losses: you’ll receive up to 30% cash back on your net loss for the month when you’re a VIP.


And it’s easy to start earning cash back. There are four tiers in the Palace of Chance VIP program (Jade, Pearl, Ruby, and Diamond) and each level ups the ante (ante is a poker term meaning initial bet, or stake) all the way to 30% cash back.

Here’s the thing about VIP Monthly Insurance. You can only request it if your balance is at $0 and there aren’t any withdrawals pending on your account. What’s more, you can’t accumulate your VIP Monthly Insurance bonuses. You should also note that VIP Monthly Insurance offers come with a 1x maximum cash out based on the original deposit amount. For example, if you deposited $100 and steamrolled that into $5,000 in winnings, but you’ve lost $3,000 before landing there, the maximum VIP Monthly Insurance bonus you can withdraw is $100—even if your 30% bonus is valued at more than that. It is very important to remember that, as any no deposit bonus, it can not be redeemed consecutive to a free chip.

There are some other important rules you should familiarize yourself regarding VIP Monthly Insurance bonuses if you become a VIP. Now while the rules are pretty detailed, at the end of the day you’re earning free money just for playing. So enjoy yourself and enjoy the extra profit coming your way.

Ready to start earning free money with your VIP Monthly Insurance? Sign up for a free Palace of Chance account and start playing. Remember, your slot in the VIP program begins the second you’ve made a total deposit of $500. You don’t have to make it all at once. We’ll keep track of everything.


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