Man robbed at home after $6,000 casino win

Did you know that if you win big at a casino, you technically have to report your earnings to the government? Yup, over a certain amount, the IRS wants a piece of the action and you can count on the casino you’re playing on to report the win to the important federal departments.

But it’s not just Uncle Sam that you have to worry about stealing from you if you land a big win at the casino. It’s actual thieves.

inner1robber13022015After a Kansas City man won $6,000 playing at a local Harrah’s, he had good reason to celebrate. Unfortunately, when he arrived home, he had good reason to call the authorities. After walking to his mailbox, the winner was approached by two thieves who brandished handguns. They took the man’s wallet (which contained the $6,000 in winnings) and his ID and credit cards.

It turns out the thieves had likely been staking out various tables and slots, waiting for someone to hit it big. When that happened, they followed the winner. In this case, they followed him all the way home.

This is a horrible story, but at least the casino winner wasn’t injured in the incident, aside from the obviously emotional scars that come with being robbed. We can all learn from this frightening episode and use the lesson to our advantage. Here are some tips you can use to stay safe after winning big at your local casino.


  • Ask the casino for a check instead of cash. If you’ve landed a big win, the casino can issue a check instead of handing you over a stack of $100 bills. If your check is stolen, the thieves won’t be able to cash it. And if they somehow manage to cash it, at least the proper authorities can trace it
  • If you’re driving home, check your rearview mirror to see if you’re being followed. If you think you are, don’t drive home. Instead, drive to a local police station. If you’re too far from one, don’t be afraid to call 911 and let the officers know that you won some money and you think you’re being followed. They can assist by sending a car in your direction, which could scare the assailants away.
  • Ask for an escort to your car. While this victim was robbed at home and not at the casino, this is still good advice to follow. If you win big, ask to be escorted to your car. The VIP department will happily oblige. Remember, they want to do everything in their power to encourage you to come back and bet that money. Treating you to an escort from a guard, a police officer, or management is no big deal to them.
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