How to make the most out of $100 at an online casino ?

…you’d be surprised by how far you can stretch that—and make it grow.

Ready to try playing at an online casino for real money? Good call. It doesn’t take a lot of money to get started. If your budget is $100, you’d be surprised by how far you can stretch that—and make it grow.

We know what you’re going to say. “I’ve been to Vegas and $100 goes out the window in less than 3 minutes.”

That’s true. But this isn’t Vegas. Online, you aren’t forced into $25 minimums, eating up a quarter of your bankroll for one hand. Online, you actually get paid extra money to show up. Online, they hand out free money—outside of the virtual casino doors.

Intrigued? We’ve got the secrets you need to know about to grow your $100 bankroll quickly and easily, so keep reading if you want to feel like a high roller from the get go.

Take advantage of a bonus offer


Did you know when you make your first deposit at most online casinos, they’ll actually hand you bonus money to play with? It’s true. That $100 can automatically become $350 with a 250% deposit bonus.

Now, at most casinos, you need to meet certain wagering requirements to turn your bonus money into real money. It’s only fair as they are actually giving you free cash to play and have fun with while on their casino lobby. There also other withdrawal conditions you need to know about, these may vary from bonus to bonus. But hey, when you’re talking about free cash just for playing, who really cares about a few simple rules?

Follow the casino on Facebook for free chips

Some online casinos hand out free chips to registered players randomly. And they do it often on Facebook, Palace of Chance included. Giveaways often involve no gambling or real money play at all. Sometimes, all it takes is a comment on a photo to score the free chip. And we’ve seen chips go as high as $500, pumping up your initial $100 investment to incredible heights.

Never bet more than 10% of of your bankroll on a single bet

Playing blackjack? Then this rule is super important. If you’ve got $100, placing a $100 bet off the bat is a surefire way to lose your bankroll in one shot. Instead, never bet more than 10%. So, if you’ve got $100, don’t wager more than $10 on a bet. If you lose, you’ll be down to $90, which means you shouldn’t bet more than $9 on your next bet. This method is a great way to help your bankroll last much longer than you ever thought possible—and a great way to make it grow.

Like what you’ve read? Head to Palace of Chance now and turn your first $100 into a sky-high bankroll that’ll make you feel like royalty.


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