How to Know if a Playthrough is completed?

Have you ever been stuck by the Playthrough rules? Do Playthrough rules seem like codified symbols which you never really comprehend?

No worries! Many of us have had the same questions at one point or another and there’s no gambling school or university that teaches us how to calculate and follow the bonuses’ requirements. However, I promise you that after reading this post, you will be able to calculate your Playthrough and dominate its codified symbols.

Playthrough’s History

When online casinos first started operating, casinos experienced a lot of abuse of the bonus system that ended up costing them a large amount of money. Players would fraudulently open multiple accounts to reap the benefit of signup bonuses, and would cash them out as soon as possible.To offset the huge financial risk that the online casinos were taking by offering their players bonuses without restrictions, they introduced a set of rules known as the Playthrough Requirements. These requirements were not particularly popular, but they were necessary to protect the casinos from fraud and to be honest, they do not affect genuine players who visit the casinos to have fun.


What are Playthroughs?

A Playthrough is basically a bonuses’ rules that state that a multiple of the initial deposit amount has to be wagered or played through before a player may cash out their winnings. The actual multiple being used varies from casino to casino and players should read them carefully to understand how a given online casino works, particularly if they are hunting for the best bonuses. An online casino’s Playthrough Requirements are usually stated within their standard terms and conditions page, so they aren’t that hard to find.

Say What?

Suppose an online casino’s Playthrough Requirement is 15x. This means a player must place bets and play games to the value of 15 times their initial deposit amount before they may cash out.

For example: you deposit $100 into your casino account and receive a bonus of 100% of your initial deposit, giving you a bankroll of $200. Then, you start to play. Under the requirements of 15X playthrough, you will need to have placed bets to the value of $1,500 before you are allowed to cash out your winnings. This may sound harsh, but it isn’t. Having Playthrough Requirements protects online casinos from players who are trying to profit from casinos rather than joining one to stick to it and have fun. A Playthrough is also an incentive system designed to encourage play.

At Palace of Chance Casino, the official Playthrough rule is:

“the wagering requirement is determined by the deposit amount plus the amount of the promotional bonus redeemed. For example, should a Player deposit $100.00 and redeem a 100% bonus that requires 15X playthrough, he/she must wager the amount of their deposit ($100.00) plus the amount of their bonus ($100.00) 15X before cashing out. This means that the Player must wager $200.00 X 15 = $3,000.00 before requesting a withdrawal from their account.”

I hope I was able to simplify what a Playthrough is and that from now on, you dominate them. If not, let me know and I will gladly assist you with more tips. Enjoy your games!


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