Who are the most rocking Blackjack Players?

Whether these men know it or not, they are sexy.

Whether these men know it or not, they are sexy. I don’t care about how old they are or how they look. The fact that they’re the world’s best players, just makes them irresistible to me. Their minds are!

Blackjack is a simple game, as we all know, but come on, to actually be a constant winner and event make a living out of it, just rocks! Let me introduce you some of the world’s best players and tell you why I think they’re so hot.

Stanford Wong – This man is a renown player whose book “Professional Blackjack,” I have read and still own. The book is great, because he gives you the steps on how to play the game. Wong has earned the title of professional Blackjack player and he is one of the world’s best. He began counting cards at the age of 12 and he earned a Ph.D. in statistics from Stanford University. Yes, many people actually think that gamblers are bums; well Mr. Wong is here to show them wrong. He also has written several other successful books, including “Basic Blackjack” and “Blackjack Secrets”.


Sam Vaughan – Sexy Sam Vaughan is the man when it comes to winnings. He’s the player that has won the largest amounts of money by playing Blackjack. He is a former post office clerk who became a millionaire playing Blackjack, and probably has more grand Blackjack tournament wins under his belt than any other player.

Edward Thorp – Thorp is a grand professional player who actually has a Ph.D. in mathematics. He’s been described as the man who invented card counting. He has been named the father of Blackjack strategy and he also published the book “Beat the Dealer” and unveiled the Ten Count system, which was later revised into the High-Low Count and published in the second edition of “Beat the Dealer.”

Tommy Hyland – Talk about a student that learned his lessons well: Hyland learned from Stanford Wong and Ken Uston how to beat the casino at Blackjack. He is also known for not really liking casinos and trying to beat them. He’s not doing anything illegal, but he’s figured out how to run the most successful Blackjack team for over 25 years and that’s a big no no in the casino world.

Ken Uston – As Thorp’s student, Ken Uston became the first blackjack player to become a sort of celebrity that participated in tv interviews and was known worldwide. His first book was the “Big Player” and his other book “Million Dollar Blackjack” is considered the Bible of blackjack strategy. Hated by casinos and banned from them, Uston became a defender of players’ rights and he died in a still controversial manner in France.

Kevin Blackwood – This amazing player is the author of the great Blackjack strategy books, which I highly recommend, “Play Blackjack Like the Pros” and “Casino Gambling for the Dummies.” Blackwood has made a profession out of playing Blackjack in Vegas. This awesome man alone has won over $1 million in handheld blackjack games alone.

You tell me: sexy or not?


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