Which are the lesser known specialty games?

At Palace of Chance, we take pride on the vast selection of games that we offer to all of our esteemed clients. From innovative slots to widely known table games, we have it all. The only downside of this ample selection is that sometimes players don’t get the chance to know all of our games and can get a little bit overwhelmed with so many new options, particularly on the specialty names. This is the reason why we have prepared this post, to let you know about three specialty games that have all the potential to become the next big thing among our casino customers, even if they are somewhat unknown at the moment.

Sic Bo


This is a game that has come from the Eastern Hemisphere to revolutionize the way dice are played here at Palace of Chance. This three dice game has been popular in Asia since ancient times and, accordingly so, the name Sic Bo is Chinese for “precious dice”.

The rules of the game are pretty simple to assure you won’t get lost in translation while playing it. The game is composed by a table with several options for you to bet in. From the sum of the points that the dice will role, to the total to fall over or under 10, and even the exact combination of numbers rolled, the Sic Bo table takes into account any possibility and adjusts the payout of your bet to reward your guesses. So, the only thing you need to do every round is place your bets on your guesses and wait for the dice to roll and reveal your payouts.

European Roulette


This version of the classic roulette game is a little different from its American sibling. In the style of the old continent, this version lets you take it a little bit easy since it has a slight improvement in player versus house odds.

The reason is that it contains only 37 slots, not 38. European roulette eliminates the classic 00 and leaves only the 0, improving your chances of hitting your desired chosen number. As Italians say, dolce far niente: enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing… nothing more than sip your wine and wait for that little white ball to pay you in a big big way!!

Lucky 8’s


This picturesque scratch game redefines the concept of luck of the Irish, and gives that lucky clover to every player willing to take the challenge! Lucky8 takes the concept of the store-bought scratch lottery ticket and modernizes it in a fun game that will have you scratching away for all the prizes it contains!

Place your bet and the game will reveal two winning numbers. Scratch the pots of gold and discover your fortune. If you get the winning numbers, you win cash prizes, free games, etc. It is really that simple! In Lucky 8, good ol’ Saint Patty comes all year round with plenty of gold to spare!.

These three options are just some among the many games we have here in Palace of Chance! Be sure to check them out and explore many more in the specialty game page. The more you know, the more chances you have of winning and becoming a well rounded casino player!


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