Which are the hottest slots for New Year’s Eve?

I’ve had some memorable New Year’s Eves over the last decade. The year 2005 was pretty fantastic, arguably my 3rd favorite. I went to a party and don’t remember much, except for the fact that I woke up and it was January 2nd. December 31st 2012 was even better. I spent it in Vegas with friends. We ate a lot, drank a lot, and gambled a ton.

I wanted to try and top that on December 31st, 2013, but having blown several thousand dollars the year before in Vegas, it was hard to justify. So instead, my friends and I held a home Vegas party. We set up a bunch of laptops with casino games, made a ton of food, stocked up on booze, and decorated my house like Las Vegas. We even projected images of different Vegas scenes on a few walls so it seemed real (and with enough cocktails, it was).

And you know what? It turned out to be even more memorable than my Las Vegas trip, most likely because I had way more company, plus my own bed to crash in when January 1st rolled around.

If you want to host your own New Year’s Eve casino themed party, or if you just want to stay home and play casino games alone or with a loved one, we’ve got a list of games you need to make part of your night.

Year of Fortune

inneryearfortne01122014Start 2015 off right with Year of Fortune, a really fun Chinese New Year themed online slots game. Yes, we know.

This isn’t the Chinese New Year, but hey, it’s a great excuse to play this great New Year’s game, and you have to admit, if there is a culture that knows a thing or two about luck is definitely the Chinese culture: they truly know what they are doing and how to make luck work the way they it to work. Our favorite thing about the game is its progressive jackpot, which grows until its popped, and then grows again. You should see how big it is now.

Naughty or Nice Spring Break

innernauhgtyornice01122014Christmas is over and the next major thing we have to look forward to is Spring Break, which is what makes Naughty or Nice Spring Break such a great New Year’s game. It combines great Christmas themes like Santa and his sleigh with a nod to what’s just around the corner as soon as we hit 2015. The Naughty or Nice girls are back, and you know they are not the type to sit around and just chill, they are here and they are lucking to get lucky.

They’re Santa’s sexy helpers, only this time they’re bikini-clad. You’ll love it.

The Naughty List

innernaughtylist01122014A brand new game arrived this holiday season at the Palace and it has become one of people’s favorite so quickly! The Naughty List is sexy, is glamorous and brings you lots of new opportunities to win the big bucks, along with great graphics and a tempting story line.

We certainly recommend trying out this wonderful new online slot: The Naughty List is here to stay!

Discover even more games at Palace of Chance

It’s not just slots machines that are perfect for your New Year’s Eve. Discover all kinds of table games, video poker machines, and specialty games at Palace of Chance. Remember, you can play for real money or for free, so your New Year’s Eve could be as thrilling or as frills-three as you like.


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