What Makes a Great Slot Game?

Whether you prefer to gamble online or in brick and mortar casinos, it’s impossible to ignore the popularity of slot machines. With humble beginnings in a California tavern over a century ago, slots have grown into technical marvels, complete with a host of impressive features that continue to get better with each passing year. So, what makes one slot game better than another? Is it as simple as good payouts and massive jackpots? While these are important factors, statistics indicate that they are far from the only slot features on the minds of players. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make slot games great.

Graphics and Theme

inertheme27022015Back in the day, slot machines were simply three spinning reels that’s only story was a win or a loss, but, with the proliferation of video slots, gamblers were treated to a brand new way to think about the famous ‘one-armed bandit’.

These days, incredible graphics, intriguing character tie-ins and uniquely adventurous storylines are commonplace in machines throughout casinos. While winning is certainly the most fun, the growth of these complicated video machines in recent years seems to indicate that players truly enjoy the graphics and storylines present in modern slot machines.

Number of Lines

Far from the days when a maximum of nine lines were offered, today’s machines are designed to include 25 pay lines or more to allow for even more chances to win with every spin. Though the constant dinging and frequent payouts are appealing, more lines also means a much bigger bet with each spin. Today’s slot enthusiasts are tasked with finding the perfect balance between opportunities to win and wager per spin, and there are plenty of options from which to choose.

Bonus Features

Video slots reinvented the way gamblers thought about slots in a variety of ways, but no single innovation was more revolutionary than the inclusion of bonus features.

inner227022015Coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, features from simple free spins to exciting mini-games serve as important ways to keep players more engaged in a single machine for a longer duration than has previously been possible.

Eye-catching Payouts

The prettiest slot machine in the world is nothing without a decent payout table. The most important aspects for enjoyable play include fair returns on lower payout levels and at least one major jackpot for a possibility of a huge win with every spin.

While stories and graphics are certainly great for keeping players invested, attractive payout tables will be needed to get them interested in the game from the beginning.

While the features that make a slot machine great are largely subjective, there is no question that these features have revolutionized the industry and attributed to the rapid growth of slots in casinos around the world. Whether you prefer games that tie-in with some of your favorite characters, tell unique stories as you play or provide a straight-forward three reeled experience, today’s slot market has something to suit your preferences and get you on the way to your next big win.


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