What are the real odds in slot machines?

Wondering what the odds of winning at the slot machine are? Good question. And we’d love to give you a good answer, but the reality is that every slot machine is different. It all depends on the number of paylines, the number of reels, and the number of bonus rounds. It also depends on the number of jackpots and their size. And it depends on the typical payout rates set by the game manufacturer or the casino itself.

Payout rates can vary from 95% to over 98%. That doesn’t mean you’ll win 95% or 98% of the time. It just means that for every $1 taken in by a casino, $0.95 (or $0.98 in the case of 98%) is paid back to players. Whether or not you’ll be the recipient of that money depends on a multitude of factors as outlined above.

The bottom line? Rather than focusing on real odds of slot machines (which varies), it’s important to focus on what you can’t control. Knowing these three key pieces of info will help you understand what the real odds of winning are.

Rule #1: Odds can’t be adjusted

inner1slot12102015First of all, the odds can’t be adjusted by a casino employee. Once the machine’s payout rate is established, it’s set in stone. In land-based casinos, slot seals are actually placed on the Central Processing Unit of a slot machine, so if it’s tampered with, governing bodies will know should a slot machine be subjected to a random check.

For payouts to change, an approval process by the governing body needs to take place. In the online casino world, slot payout rates are audited frequently by third parties, which is tantamount to a virtual seal.

Rule #2: No one person can determine when a machine can pay out

inner2slots12102015Once odds are established, it’s impossible for anyone to predict when a machine will pay out. A machine with odds of hitting the jackpot of 1 in a million could theoretically hit the jackpot twice within a span of five minutes. And conversely, a slot machine that has 1 in 5 odds of entering a bonus round could see a player go 100 spins without every getting to play the bonus round.

Everything is determined by a random number generator. The second you hit the Spin button, whether online or off, the outcome is determined. Not a second before and not a second after.

Rule #3: When symbols are close to lining up, it doesn’t mean anything towards your next spin

inner3slots12102015There’s a popular misconception among slot games players.

Many think that just missing lining up the right symbols means that the symbols will line up for them very soon. This is simply not true. Just because you were an inch off from a big win it doesn’t mean that inch will work out in your favor on the next spin. And conversely, just because you hit it big it doesn’t mean you won’t hit it big on the second spin right after.

Again, everything is random.

Even with all these rules in place, people win big playing the slots and enjoy huge payout rates. For some of the best odds playing online slots, come check out Palace of Chance. We invite you to play for free so you can get a feel for how easy it is to win. All it takes is an account to get started, so enjoy.


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