What Are The Odds Of Winning At American Roulette?

American Roulette is really popular for its fun and addicting effect. It’s played by placing your wager on any number that feels right to you. If the ball will fall on your number, you win. They say that it’s one of the simplest games in the casino and it lets you earn a lot of money in one night. On the other hand, it’s said that it’s the most unfair game that you can ever play in the casino. It’s already taken that when you gamble, chances of winning is 50/50, but how big are your chances of winning when you play this game?

Roulette odds of taking home the money are really small, with 5.26% advantage in favour of the house. Even with the knowledge that this game can empty your pocket in a span of an hour, a lot will still challenge their luck and place their bets. The good thing is, there are some tricks that you can use to increase your chances of winning. Let’s start with the basic and the simplest approach that you can apply in your game.


The first idea is to never play with a lot of bets at the same time. That will only increase your chances of losing for the reason that you can’t effectively analyze on which combination to wager. It’s a disadvantage if you think that your winning is base on luck or some gambling superstitions. You can use two effective plans to simplify the situation.

Some important recommendations

  • Stay with the table minimum and play on the outside bets. This will work by placing your wager on one color: black or red. The amount of money you will get is 1:1, but you will have big chances of winning from 18 combinations out of 38. This approach will give you some points ahead against the house. Keep it sure and simple by not spreading your chips all over the table.
  • Make a couple of equal bets on two outside bets: one on the even money play and one on the column or dozen play. This approach is really smart and effective. An example will be betting for black and Column Three that has 8 reds. You will be covering four numbers two times and will be covering the remaining 26.
  • Betting on red and Column Two with 8 numbers: If you pair black or red with Column Two, it will give you the coverage for 26 numbers and the possibility of winning from 6 numbers is double. Betting this way will definitely make your casino night fun and interesting.

Never have the intention of bringing home big amount of money when you play. The roulette odds of winning are small and that thinking will surely make you disappointed at the end of the night. Although those tips mentioned above will help you increase your chances, part of the game still revolves in luck. Enjoy your game and never fail to check on other options to make winning easier for you.


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