What Are the Best Rules for Las Vegas Blackjack Casino Players

…I know a lot of inside information

Besides not drinking, don’t you think that before going to Vegas, it’s quite a good idea to find out which are the best places to play your favorite games? How about the best places to play blackjack?

Since I am a blackjack lover, sometimes I forget that I know a lot of inside information of the game just because I care and I actually live here. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who goes to Las Vegas knows these tips.

For those of you who like organized information, here’s a chart with the best rules for blackjack players. It will give you a very broad knowledge of almost every casino in Las Vegas. Its information was already updated this year, so you can trust its conclusions.

Now, if what you are looking for is the bottom line a chart and what it has to offer, here are the top assumptions I made from reading that chart. Please keep in mind, that these conclusions are only based on the best odds for your game.


  1. If you take a good look at the chart, you will see that spread between the top game in Las Vegas and the lowest is less than 1%. Unless you’re playing hundreds of hands, the difference is about two bets for every three hours of play.
  2. The best casino with the highest game is The Hacienda. It has a house of only 0.02%. The only issue that might not be so convenient to you is that it’s located in Boulder City. (Truth be told, I go to The Hacienda quite often.)
  3. In Las Vegas, El Cortez has the best game with a 0.20% and a $3 minimum bet. It’s important for you to know that El Cortez always has at least one table open at $3 every day of the week and 24 hours. Most casinos downtown have the best chances for those of us waiting to win. Tip: Look for it once you’re there, because they’re not announcing it in loud speakers.
  4. The Luxor has the best game on the Strip with a $10 minimum and a 0.45% house edge. There are better odds out there, but have a higher minimum.

First time in Las Vegas? Now, if you are a first timer, do not miss out on all the different casinos, since they all offer different attractions and environments to explore. Downtown’s casinos are not so classy, but they are customer friendly and they have the highest odds for winning. If you take your trip seriously, then I suggest you find your niche according to your specific needs.
May this be information be useful next time you hit Vegas!


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