What are the benefits of playing slots?

Thinking about playing slots online? There are some big benefits, and they apply whether you play online slots or the live version. Today we’re going to explore 5 major benefits of playing slot games and why you might just like them more than table games.

There’s never a dull moment

There’s one kind of Craps. One kind of Baccarat. And one kind of Roulette (OK, three if you count American, French, and European, but the format is the same throughout). There are a few variations of Blackjack in terms of bonus bets, but for the most part the rules are the same. But with slots? It’s a completely different story. You’ll find hundreds of different slots games on the casino floor of the largest Las Vegas casino. We’ve got about a hundred here at Palace of Chance, too. And every game offers a different kind of experience.

More bonus rounds

inner-benefits-12052015With table games, you need to seek one out that offers bonus bets. And a bonus bet at the felt only means that you’ll get paid out extra if certain cards are dealt.

But with online slots, hitting a bonus round means you’ll get to play on the house.

Sometimes the bonuses come in the form of free spins. In other games, you’ll get to play a game within a game. No matter what the bonus round is, it’s great fun.

You get to decide the speed of the game

This is true of both slots at casinos and land-based slots. You’re in full control of how long the game takes. Want to wait 5 minutes between spins? Go ahead. What to turn the game on AutoPlay and sit back while the machine does the work. Go for it. You’re the only one at the slots game, so don’t worry about anyone else.

You can play with pennies

Got just a few bucks to your name? When you play table games in Vegas, you’re looking at $25 a hand. Some casinos offer $10 and $5 tables, but that’s a rarity. Online is better. You can play $1 a hand Blackjack.

You could hit the jackpot

When you play table games, you know what you’re getting into. The highest payout in Roulette is 35:1 and you’ll win that by hitting a single number. But when you play slots, you could end up winning a piece of millions when you least expect it thanks to progressive jackpots.

These are just 5 of the big benefits you’ll discover when you play slots. There are loads more, so fire up Palace of Chance and discover some more benefits for yourself. Remember, you can play for free with your account, so check it out.


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