The Golden Touch: Is Precision Shooting Possible in Craps?

(Precision Shooting) is the belief that specific shooters can control the outcome of the dice on a Craps table by tossing the dice a certain way.
One, if not the biggest, debate among Craps players concerns precision shooting. What exactly is precision shooting? It is the belief that specific shooters can control the outcome of the dice on a Craps table by tossing the dice a certain way and thus manipulating the axis of the dice in order to avoid throwing a seven.

Craps is considered to be one of the most arbitrary games in the casino universe, so many people have argued against this premise using the argument of the rubber back wall.

As most of you know, the back wall of a craps table is studded with rubber pyramids in order to impact the bounce of the dice and achieve the most random landing on the felt. It is the dealer’s responsibility to make sure the dice hit the back wall in every throw to prevent any type of odd tampering.

However, even the most skeptic craps player can recognize the power of a shooter on a roll. They cannot explain the sensation, but they admit that sometimes, the dice get hot and they do not cool down. For them, that is the time in which you need to make your most aggressive wagers and make some serious money. So it makes me wonder, can this phenomenon be explained by precision shooting?

According to Frank Scoblete, author of the book Casino innershooting14072014 Craps: Shoot to Win, precision shooting is a reality; a veritable skill that can even be learned. In order to paint you a better picture, Scoblete is bold enough to compare precision shooting with card counting. He says that there are ways in which you can grip the dice, ways in which to curve your hand, and speeds to throw the dice out and give yourself a definite advantage over the house.

Most ‘golden shooters’ claim that an axis-pincer grip or a three finger grip are the secret behind a successful throw and that throwing it underhand or overhand will also affect the outcome of the result. For them, the secret is to throw it just a couple of centimeters before they hit the back wall, so they can rebound lightly of it and still get the expected result. They even have test like the SmartCraps software to determine how much axis control a player has over his/her throw.

I don’t know guys; I am still a little baffled by this. My main issue is that no definite experiment has proven that the outcome of the dice can be considerably altered. On top of that, all casinos still allow self-proclaimed precision shooters to happily play at their tables without any sort of impediments. If precision shooting was actually a reality, I would cause casinos to lose money by basically “cheating”, so I don’t think they would be ok with that! Or the other way around, what would stop them from tilting the odds in their favor?

So many questions… At least on the Craps tables at Palace of Chance I know I am getting a fair treatment through and through since online craps can’t be meddled with! What do you guys think? Which side of the debate are you on? Let me know in the comments! Who knows? Maybe you can make a believer out of me!


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