New Slot Game for Christmas: The Naughty List

Who says you have to be the big fat guy in red to have all the entertainment in the sleigh? What if we give you the keys to Santa’s cruiser, and let you go rootling for gifts! If you are worried about getting discovered and making The Naughty List, don’t be. It turns out that Santa loves naughty people. Moreover, if you do get caught, you can merely impute these Naughty girls.

Santa’s two darling ladies are hanging out in the sleigh to make your excursion around the world way more fun. They’ll direct you to vast prizes in this 50-payline slots game that features two big random jackpots, a max payout of 3,000x your bet per line, a really awesome bonus round that presents a free spin round on top of it, and loads of other Christmas treats. Play The Naughty List now, and it will feel like Christmas all year long.

inner204122014Are you prepared to unwrap something remarkable? You can begin by making your bet and line selections. All you have to do is click the up and down arrows next to the Bet and Lines button to make your choices. You can bet $0.01, $5, or anywhere in between. You can play one line, all 50, or anywhere in the middle. Do not forget that you are betting per line, not per spin. Your final bet is your bet per line multiplied by the number of lines in play. To lock in your bet simply hit the Spin button. The reels will start spinning really fast as the sleigh moves about the planet. When the reels stop, you will get paid out if you’ve lined up enough matching symbols on one of the paylines you played. Some of the symbols pay out more than others. To find out which ones are the most rewarding, click the Help button in the game.

The Naughty List symbol is very rewarding, so keep your eyes peeled for it. Actually, keep your eyes peeled for three of them. If they show up in triplets, you will get to play the Naughty Pick Feature round. Do not be astonished if you get paid out big first. Landing multiple matching symbols could yield enormous payouts, even before you enter the feature game.

Is there anything better than feeling like a kid on Christmas morning? How about feeling like an elf who managed to keep all the best gifts? Don’t worry. We won’t tell the big guy, but you had better open all the gifts before he finds out. There are 20 presents to unwrap. Do it quickly to reveal your prize. You’ll see a prize multiplier or a bonus value. The game will keep track of it all for you. It ends as soon as you’ve opened all 20 gifts or when you’ve hit two Naughty Notes. At that point, you’ll get to play the fantastic free games round where 5 free spins are yours.

So jump on Santa’s big, red, ridiculously fast super sleigh and win loads and loads of cash! This is truly one game you do not want to miss this holiday season. Just sign in and click on over to The Naughty List. Do not have an account? Setting one up is really easy. If you need help, our Customer Service team is there specifically for the purpose to help you out with anything at Palace of Chance.

This year’s Christmas game, The Naughty List, is the hottest new Christmas arrival to keep you warm this cold winter. Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Palace of Chance Online Casino!


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