Is the Iron Craps strategy really a Craps players’ secret weapon?

If you’re confused by the Craps table, you’re not alone. It’s actually really easy to grasp, but the overall layout and the chaos at the Craps table makes newbies feel overwhelmed. In previous posts, we’ve told you to stick to one or two bets. But if you’re getting bored with that, you might want to employ a betting strategy. And the Iron Cross is one of the best strategies in the book.

Iron Cross is great if you’re a seasoned player looking for bigger gains, but it can also help steer new players in the right direction. Once you figure out how this strategy works (and don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it), feel free to practice at Palace of Chance.

inner2craps27052016For the Iron Cross Strategy to work, you’ll need to be comfortable placing more than one bet at the same time. If you’re familiar with betting on multiple areas of the Roulette table, Iron Cross isn’t all that different. You’re basically spreading your bet, but the payout potential can be impressive. That said, you must also be comfortable losing a hefty chunk of change. If you’re not comfortable with the possible swings in both directions, we recommend you stay away. But if you like to win big when you do and minimize your losses, Iron Cross might just be the best bet you can make.

All about the Iron Cross System

Many casinos today pay double on a field bet when you roll a pair of Aces and pay out triple when you roll a 12. That’s better than the even money they used to hand out a half-century ago, which makes the Iron Cross Craps System even more lucrative. More on that in a second. With the increased payouts, the house edge drops on average to 2.78%, but it gets even lower when you involve Iron Cross .

The most important thing to know about Iron Cross is that this betting system doesn’t just involve a bet in the field area of the Craps table. It also involved placing a bet on 5, 6, and 8 simultaneously. With this combination of bets, you’re covering almost every possible roll with the exception of 7. That’s because field wins on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

innercraps127062016With these numbers, it seems like that you should be able to win every single time. But that’s not the case. Remember the field bet doesn’t lose sometimes because it loses on 5, 6, 7, and 8. That means while you’ll win with a place bet on 5, 6, and 8, you’ll lose your field bet. We’ll show you how to maximize these bets for more winning opportunity.

How to use the Iron Cross System to your benefit

With the Iron Cross system, you’ll place four bets. Here’s a step by step way to make this betting system work for you:

  1. Find a Craps table that has a low minimum. Remember, online Craps tables let you wager as little as $1 per bet. And you can even play for free, so there’s technically nothing to lose.
  2. For this example, let’s pretend you’re working with a little more than the minimum. Start by placing $5 on the number 5.
  3. Then, place a $6 bet on the number 6.
  4. Now, place a $6 on the number 8.

You’ve now got $22 committed. If the shooter sevens out, you’ll lose that $22. But here’s the best part. If she rolls any other number besides a 7, you’re actually sitting on a profit.

inner3craps27052016Remember, if the place bet numbers 5, 6, or 8 end up hitting, you’ll lose that $5 bet on the field but you’ll win $7 on the place bet you made. At this point, you’ll actually be up $2. And if a field number ends up hitting, you’ll win $5 at the very minimum, and more if you hit 2 or 12.

The Iron Cross works in your favor when the dice are hot, though you will end up with a loss if 7 keeps hitting every few rolls. And overall, there’s a house edge of just 2.48% involved when you employ this strategy, which is way better than most other betting systems.

Stay away from Big 6 or 8
To be clear, you want to stay away from a Big 6 or Big 8 bet. The biggest mistake you could make is putting your money down on Big 6 or 8 thinking that you’re covered with your place bets. Never bet on Big 6 or 8. Not when you use this strategy. Not ever, really.

While the word “big” might make you assume that your bankroll is going to see a big boost, that’s not exactly what’s going to happen. The house advantage for Big or 8 hovers around 9%. The house advantage drops significantly when you bet on the actual numbers.

Try Iron Cross now

Ready to put Iron Cross to the ultimate test? Sign up for a free Palace of Chance account. All we need is a few pieces of information to get started. As soon as you’ve got a free account, you can play Craps for as long as you like, without having to risk real money. We’ll set you up with a play-money account, which gets you a bunch of pretend chips. Go ahead and use your free stack to see how well Iron Cross works for you. If you don’t have much luck with it, walk away. No loss, no pain. But if it does work, make that first deposit and you’ll be able to play for real money (and win real cash while you’re at it).

Don’t forget, your account also gets you access to our mobile suite of online casino games on your smartphone and tablet. You can play a variety of table games and specialty games like Blackjack and Roulette, plus many of our latest online slots — all for free or real money.


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